The last days of Syrian butcher Assad’s regime – and of his Western
supporters!We are witnessing the last days of Bashar “The Butcher” Assad, the Alawite
sectarian dictator ruling Syria. Slowly but surely, the revolutionaries of the
Free Syrian Army (FSA) are closing in on his vipers’ nests.
Three days ago a massive bomb, pre-positioned by FSA fighters, exploded during
a meeting of Assad’s top henchmen – Defence Minister Dawud Rajiha, Deputy
Defence Minister and Assad brother-in-law Asif Shawkat, Deputy Vice-President
Hassan Turkmani and security services chief Hisham Ikhtiar.
For nearly a week now, the revolutionaries have been fighting regime forces and
Shabiha thugs in Damascus. The fact that they have been able to sustain the
fight right in the centre of the capital is a clear sign that the noose is
tightening around the butcher Assad’s neck.
Any day, any week, any month now, it will be over and Assad will be all over
our television screens – a pathetic, lifeless corpse or sliming his way down
the steps of a plane in Moscow or Beijing.
Yes, here in the West, lurking in the darkest corners of ignorance – on the
internet and on the English-language propaganda television channels of Russia
and Iran, RT and Press TV, cynics and self-styled “anti-imperialists” and some
“leftists” continue to pour out their bile and poisonous disinformation in
defence of Syria’s doomed dictator.
They know who they – we won’t waste our time engaging with them in
interminable, futile debates. But very soon history judge them, and the
inexorable march of the Arab Awakening will expose them and confine them to the
dustbin of history, forever.
Below we bring to your attention three articles that analyse the delusions and
motives behind these reactionary, self-serving enemies of the Arab people:
*Henry Lowi, “Storming the Bastille in Syria”
*Phan Binh, “Libya and Syria: when anti-imperialism goes wrong”
*Nureddin Sabir, “Cynicism and black propaganda: the left’s reactions to the
Libyan and Syrian revolutions

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