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Outrage as ‘Palestinian Holocaust’ website ‘’ launches on Twitter

Felix Pope


SEPTEMBER 02, 2021


The offensive website

A website named ‘’ that attacks Israelis as ‘Nazis’ has been condemned as “disgusting and shameful”.

The site, which appropriates the Hebrew name given to the genocide of the Jews to refer to a ‘Palestinian Holocaust’, says it aims to support those fighting the “vicious ‘Zio-Nazi’ occupation of Palestine”. was created in 2011, but has just launched a Twitter presence with a call to give a voice to “millions of ordinary people around the word who want to end the ‘Zio-Nazi’ oppression.”

Users slammed the “offensive” content shared by the account. 

Shai DeLuca said it reached “a new low, appropriating our pain including the word ‘antisemitism’ and now ‘Shoah’.”

Former Birmingham Workers Party council candidate Sammi Ibrahem is described as chair in a ‘Happy New Year’ post on the website.

Mr Ibrahim has claimed in election material to have been “repeatedly shot” by “Zionist troops” as a young man in Palestine. 

Jazz musician Gilad Atzmon, who once said that burning down a synagogue could be a “rational act”, paid homage to Mr Ibrahim in 2011, describing him as the force behind the “invaluable” 

Mr Ibrahim says his mission in life was to “spread his message of uncompromising struggle against imperialism”. 

Several articles on the website state that they have been posted by ‘John Phoenix’.

A Twitter profile with the same name and a picture matching the site’s logo tweeted last year “inshalla we see another Holocaust so will be no Zionist at all [sic]”. 

In July of this year the account attacked Jewish writer Melanie Phillips as a “Zionist rat”. 

‘Mr Phoenix’ has also shared an article entitled ‘How the World Jewish Congress invented the Holocaust’.

Karen Pollock CBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said: “The Holocaust was the systematic murder of six million Jewish men, women and children. 

“Distorting its memory is nothing more than deeply antisemitic and painful to Holocaust survivors, their families and to the wider Jewish community. It is disgusting and shameful.”

When contacted for comment, the website said: “The views in our articles are those of the authors and not necessarily reflect those of”

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