More bad news for Mr GoveMichael Gove’s dream of every school becoming an Academy

of ‘Free’ school suffered another setback this week when the Lib Dem conference voted for

a motion calling for a boycott of ‘Free’ schools and which was critical of Academies.

Motion here

Speaker after speaker criticised Academies and ‘Free’ schools.

The motion shows that there is no mandate for the Academies Act, or Michael Gove’s

‘Free’ Schools proposal

· How can Michael Gove and Sarah Teather now push forward these overwhelmingly

unpopular policies, when one of the parties comprising the Coalition oppose them?

·Will Michael Gove now initiate a democratic consultation process for Academy proposals?

·Will they continue to drive through ‘Free’ schools, schools which will be initiated by parents,

but run by businesses?
Anti Academies Alliance press release here here

The Anti Academies Alliance had a stall at the conference, distributed hundreds of

newspapers and held a successful Fringe Meeting at which David Ward MP and Cllr Andrew Sangar

from Sheffield both spoke. Help at Labour Conference

The Anti Academies Alliance will be distributing our newspapers at the Labour conference in

Manchester next week. We also have a fringe meeting on the Monday evening which

Mary Bousted, ATL general Secretary and Cllr Catherine West, leader of Islington Council, will speak.

If you can help please email

or call 07528 201 697 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              

07528 201 697      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
New Pamphlets

The ATL have an excellent new pamphlet titled “England’s schools, not open for

business” detailing the privateers who are lining up to profit from our schools.

Details here

Academy Schools, issues for governors.

New NASUWT pamphlet outlining concerns Governors should raise about Academy proposals.

Anti Academies Newspaper – 50,000 despatched 50,000 newspapers have now

been despatched around the country and are being distributed to parents, teachers,

 governors. It includes updates on the impact of the Academies Act, the case against

 ‘Free’ schools, who loses? consultation, campaign news. Please download the order form

and post in your order here

Or email in your order and we will send you an invoice.
Anti Academies DVD

We have an excellent new 13 minute DVD outlining the case against Academies

and ‘Free’ Schools. It is perfect for union meetings / parent meetings /

campaign meetings.

If you would like a copy they are £10 to union groups / £2 to parent and campaign groups.

 Send orders to the office and we will despatch them with an invoice.
Anti Academies poster

Download your copy here

Campaign materials

Make your campaign stall / meeting complete with Stickers / Balloons / Mugs / T Shirts

Lib Dem Cllr Peter Downes – why I oppose Academies

Liberal Democrat conference: Free schools? No sir

Another middle-class escape tunnel parents don’t want

Free schools told they don’t need qualified teachers

Most of us take longer to choose a sofa

3 new Academies in Solihull: Parents angry at sham consultation
Having trouble keeping up with the news on Academies and Free Schools?

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