Ankara and Baku Want to Cement their Close Military Ties

Ankara and Baku want to cement their close military ties even further:

MP: Azerbaijan, Turkey start creating single army
[[[Azerbaijan and Turkey have begun forming a unified army]]]], member of the Azerbaijani parliamentary committee on security and defense, MP Zahid Oruj told Trend today. [[[There are opportunities to improve the army and to use NATO standards]]]]].After Azerbaijan’s power increases, its influence will also increase in the region.

So Azerbaijan starts its transition from a proxy of NATO to a full member and [[[[will continue to play a central role in the global drug trade]]]]] as well as in the support of terrorism from Russia’s North Caucasus [[[to Syria.]]]]

[ed note:Turkey wich is one of worlds top legal exporters of opium for ”supposedly”medicinal use mostly to west and europe,see,  is probably looking towards Syria in futurefor its  clandestine illegal importation and distribution of the opium trade outside its legal constraints in higher volumes,considering the potential lucrative opportunities these would present.keep n mind in past oliver north ran these networks in beeka valley,Lebanon (sunni side) ,and having Syrian regime toppled,offers an expansion and distribution possibility wich oliver north never acomplished…keep in mind in any war such as Syria ,people in hopelessness turn to drugs to escape reality,this is true even in muslim countries,though not in as high numbers as western hemisphere,but it certainly presents scrupulous duplicitous ,islamist(fake muslims)parties to take advantage of such opportunities..also i should mention oliver norths best friend lt general paul e vallely is directing Syrias rebels from Turkey,wich is what leads me to believe this is also the objective,though not onbly one,for turkey(they also have energy interests,zionist western interest to accomodate by toppling Syrian govt)

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