An Israeli Sayan’s Marching Orders: Libertarian National Finance Chairman Wayne Allyn Root is Tanking the Election


By; Mark Dankof

Mark Dankof in Washington, D. C. in November of 2011

I still miss my late father, over 3 years after his passing.  You can catch up on his life history here, if you are not already acquainted with who he was, and still is.
He taught me a great deal from the inside about the worlds of traveling, government, politics, sports, and human nature. His wisdom and insight always amazed me, coming from a small German American town in the American Midwest at the height of the Great Depression from a family that had nothing when it came to money, property, or education.  It would be college football, World War II, the Army Air Corps, and my father’s own initiative that would change his destiny.  God directed it.  My father followed it.
Last night I had a dream.  The dream was striking, in that when I awakened at 0217 this morning, I realized that what I saw in this nocturnal vision in the night was absolutely factual in reality, in what it depicted from over 43 years ago.
I was back in my parents’ TV room adjacent to the living room on the first floor, in south Dayton, Ohio (Oakwood) on Far Hills Avenue (south Main).  My father was stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and its then Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC).  I was in the 8th grade again.  It was early January of 1969.
Dad and I had the TV on.  We were watching the NFL Today on CBS.  The discussion was on the impending Super Bowl III matchup between the Don Shula coached Baltimore Colts (NFL), and the Weeb Eubank coached New York Jets (AFL) quarterbacked by counter cultural hero, Joe Namath.
The commentator was the late Bruce Roberts.  He was mentioning that the betting point spread on the game was 18 points.  Baltimore was an unheard of 18 point favorite to vanquish the Jets.  It was obvious to me at the age of 13.  Baltimore was a shoo-in.
Some other people came into the room.  These were other Air Force officers who had come to my parents’ home for a New Year’s Party.  They agreed with the betting line and the consensus of the NFL Today.  The Colts could begin dusting off the shelf in the trophy cabinet, to make room for the World Championship Trophy already theirs.
My father said nothing.  He inquired about everyone’s food and drinks.  He had me accompany him to the kitchen to help my mother retrieve more goodies.
Late that night, when everyone else was gone and my mother already asleep, my father and I returned to the subject of the Super Bowl and the point spread.
He became very serious when I repeated the mantra of the NFL Today that the Colts were a shoo-in.
 “Don’t be so sure on this.  You remember the 8-1 spread favoring Liston over Clay (Mohammad Ali) in Miami Beach in February of ’64?”
“You and I listened to that fight on my transitor radio in Alabama.  You remember what happened.”
I began to get his drift.  He continued.
This really smells to me, Mark.  I learned a long time ago, something you should never forget.”
“What’s that, Dad?”
 “A point spread of this margin, in a game of this magnitude, spells fix.  It really smells to me.  Look out.”
Dad’s pigskin prediction credentials won out.  The smelliest of the smelliest in what happened occurred in the first half.  It is chronicled for posterity by Wikipedia. I still occasionally see Tom Matte, Earl Morrall, and Jimmy Orr in my night thoughts decades later:
     “On their ensuing possession, Baltimore went from their own 20-yard line to New York’s 15-yard line in three plays, aided by Matte’s 58-yard run. But with 2 minutes left in the half, Morrall was intercepted again, at the Jets’ 2-yard line, deflating the Colts considerably. The Jets then were forced to punt on their ensuing drive, and the Colts advanced the ball to New York’s 41-yard line. What followed is one of the most famous plays in Super Bowl history. Baltimore tried a flea flicker play, which had a huge impact on the momentum of the game. Matte ran off right tackle after taking a handoff, then pitched the ball back to Morrall. The play completely fooled the NBC Camera Crew, and the Jets defense, leaving receiver Jimmy Orr wide open near the end zone. However, Morrall failed to spot him and instead threw a pass intended for running back Jerry Hill that was intercepted by Jets safety Jim Hudson as time expired, maintaining the Jets’ 7-0 lead at halftime. Earlier in the season, against the Atlanta Falcons, on the same play, Morrall had completed the same pass for a touchdown to Orr, the play’s intended target. “I was the primary receiver,” Orr said later. “Earl said he just didn’t see me. I was open from here to Tampa.” “I’m just a lineman, but I looked up and saw Jimmy open”, added center Bill Curry. “I don’t know what happened.”
Years later, Colts lineman Bubba Smith said the game had been fixed. Talk swirled around then Colts owner, Carroll Rosenbloom, a known consorter with gamblers and rather loose with betting money of his own.  Rosenbloom died a decade later in a “drowning accident,” the subject of a documentary by the late Jessica Savitch of NBC News which suggested Rosenbloom’s demise wasn’t an accident, but that the longtime NFL denizen and sports gambler had been pulled under the water by several men in scuba diving gear.  The truth?  We will never know.
But it really smells to me.
Fast forward to 2012.  The subject is Presidential politics in an election year.  I’m already on record withPress TV in stating the obvious:  The winner of the election is the Israeli Lobby and the War Party.
Let us then proceed to the less obvious.  What in hell is Libertarian Party National Campaign Chairman Wayne Allyn Root doing hurting his own 3rd party candidates by flacking for Mitt Romney on Rupert Murdoch’s Israeli-friendly News Corp owned Fox News, with puff pieces like, “A Gold Medal for Romney in Tampa?”
The Libertarian-oriented Reason magazine for “Free Minds and Free Markets” is also wondering what is going on with this quixotic loon. They’ve got it partially figured out, as evidenced by this paragraph in theMike Riggs op-ed:
     “Root’s bio identifies him as ‘a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee’ and ‘Chairman of the LibertarianNational Campaign Committee’ and the author of a book titled ‘The Conscience of a Libertarian.’ You know what that means? It means Wayne Allyn Root is an ambassador for libertarianism, and that his columns are a direct reflection on the Libertarian Party, which has several times elected him to prominent positions despite the fact that he is a glistening PR disaster.
     “Then again, nowhere in his piece for The Blaze does Root mention a single Libertarian candidate for office. This is probably a good thing, but also odd, because it’s campaign season, and the job of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee is torun Libertarian Party candidates at the local, state, and congressional levels. Mitt Romney is not a candidate for local, state, or congressional office, and he is not a Libertarian (or even a libertarian).
     “So why is Wayne Allyn Root giving Romney free campaign advice, when he should be talking to, and about, Libertarian Party candidates? Are the heads of Democratic and Republican organizations writing insane memos telling Gary Johnson how to beat Obama, the bad-grade-getter? Are they telling down-ticket Libertarian Party candidates how to deflect questions about their finances?
     “That Root writes about Romney as if Gary Johnson did not exist is awful. What’s worse is that articles like Root’s repel the kind of people Johnson needs in November.
     “As for anyone who’s still upset about The Weekly Standard’s description of this year’s LP convention as a “goat rodeo”: Why don’t you direct your rage at the clown running the Libertarian National Campaign Committee?”
     This really smells to me. 

“Libertarian” National Campaign Committee Chairman Wayne Allyn Root: A Zionist Jew and Sayan for Romney: Tanking the Election on Orders?

And then my dream about Dad this morning and Super Bowl III in 1969 enabled me to put it together.  There is another Wayne Allyn Root gig on Fox News which is theRosetta Stone in understanding how and why the Fix is In.  Wayne Allyn Root is no Libertarian.  He is a Zionist Jew, a Neo-Conservative, a War Party infiltrator of the only American 3rd party which can seriously divert from Romney’s vote totals in the critical states of Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Colorado, the make-or-break states for Mitt and Sheldon Adelson in this election.  The evidence is here.  Is Wayne Allyn Root the War Party’s ace-in-the-hole for their ultimate ace-in-the-hole in launching a war with Iran, good ol’ Mitt?  What is being leveraged against Mr. Obama here?  Are General Martin Dempsey’s remarks an indication that Netanyahu has now been forced to call in his chips with the Power Brokers who want war with Tehran?  That Obama will be now be replaced at all costs?  Time will tell.
Does all of this provide the real explanation as to why the Libertarian Party National Finance Chairman is flacking for the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) crowd?  Flacking for a guy who disenfranchised Ron Paul delegates at last week’s Republican National Convention?  What does Wayne Allyn Root believe about the Fed, fiat money, fractional reserve banking, the USA Patriot Acts, NSA Warrantless Wiretapping, the Department of Homeland Security, credit default swaps, mortgage banked securities, TARP, and derivatives?  Does this “Libertarian” buy Romney’s recent statements about Russia?
Does he support trillion dollar defense budgets?  10 billion a month in Afghanistan? 5 trillion dollar expenditures in Iraq and Afghanistan before counting costs in Libya? Syria? Preemptive war with Iran despite the NIE on Iran that debunks Israel’s propaganda through Fox News about an “imminent Iranian nuclear threat?”  What about the Lavon Affair, Mr. Root?  The Kennedy Assassination?  The USS Liberty attack?  The Pollard Spy Case, and the later AIPAC, Ben-Ami, and Novette spy cases?  What about Dr. Robert Sungenis’s case for Culture Wars on Israel and 9-11, Mr. Root?
Fiat money, Perpetual War, Perpetual Intervention Abroad, a Foreign Lobby buying American elections and controlling American foreign policy, and a burgeoning domestic police state largely undertaken at the behest of the Zionist State of Israel.  All apparently supported, of course, by the Libertarian Party’s National Campaign Finance Chairman as he works to get Mitt Romney elected.
It makes perfect sense to me.  This guy isn’t a quixotic loon at all.
     It really smells to me.  The Fix is In.
What if I have a slightly different version of last night’s dream about the Super Bowl tonight, only pertaining to the Presidential election of 2012?
Try this on for size in the wee hours of the night as a political postmortem in the netherworld:
“On their ensuing possession, The Freedom from War and Zionist Bankers Party went from their own 20-yard line to The Zionist War Party’s 15-yard line in three plays, aided by Ron Paul’s 58-yard run. But with 2 minutes left in the half, Wayne Allyn Root was intercepted again, at The Zionist War Party’s 2-yard line, deflating The Freedom from War and Zionist Bankers Party considerably.  The Zionist War Partywas then were forced to punt on its ensuing drive, and The Freedom from War and Zionist Bankers Partyadvanced the ball to The Zionist War Party’s 41-yard line. What followed is one of the most famous plays in American political history before the end of the American Empire. The Freedom from War and Zionist Bankers Party tried a desperation last ditch flea-flicker, which had a huge impact on the momentum of the game. Ron Paul ran off right tackle after taking a handoff, then pitched the ball back to Wayne Allyn Root. The play completely fooled the NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and Fox Camera Crews, and The Zionist War Party’sdefense, leaving receiver Gary Johnson wide open near the end zone. However, Wayne Allyn Root failed to spot him and instead threw a pass intended for running back Lew Rockwell that was intercepted by William Kristol of The Weekly Standard as time expired, maintaining The Zionist War Party’s 7-0 lead at halftime. Earlier in the season, against the Constitution Party, on the same play, Root had completed the same pass for a touchdown to Gary Johnson, the play’s intended target. “I was the primary receiver,” Johnson said later.“Wayne said he just didn’t see me. I was open from here to Tampa, to Mitt Romney’s suite entrance.” “I’m just a lineman, but I looked up and saw Gary open”, added grass-roots Libertarian activist Karen De Coster. “I don’t know what happened.”
     This really smells to me.  And hopefully to you, the reader, by now.  The Fix is Truly In.  My radio show listeners smelled it yesterday as well.  Listen to that show for The Ugly Truth.  Pleasant dreams.  .

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