AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH: The Banking ‘Transfer Agreement’ Between Hitler and the Zionists

21st Century Wire says…Follow the money… 

In a recent interview for Book TV, investigative journalistEdwin Black talks about his extraordinary book, “The Transfer Agreement” and its 25th Anniversary republication.Best-selling author Black, who himself is Jewish, outlines an apparently coordinated effort between the Nazis, American and European Jewish Zionists and the British, in a financial operation where millions in profit was generated between two banks set up to handle the transfer of Jewish assets out of Germany – Pal Troy (or Pal Treu) Bank in Germany, and the Anglo-Palestine Bank located in British Palestine. Question: who owned these two banks?

With the help of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich, some 60,000 German Jews emigrated to British Palestine (now Israel) between 1933 and 1941 through the “Transfer Agreement”between Nazis and Zionists, where Jewish property with an estimated valued at $100 million – was transferred out in the form of German industrial goods used to build Israel’s early European-style infrastructure. In the beginning, it was all about money, but when the deals soured and America entered the war, the Transfer Agreement came to a halt, and other monies began pouring into Nazi Germany from the bankers in New York.

This is an uncomfortable, yet key piece of complex financial history that many modern scribes are quite unwilling to explore…

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