Amnesty International Tied to Torture

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Technical mistake unveils that Amnesty International is collaborating in the concealment of torture crimes

“We are giving you 48 hours to do so, otherwise we will take legal actions [against you]”, said Amnesty International to a lawyerless torture victim, after he offered this NGO abundant documentation to prove without a shadow of doubt, that the Belgian regime is systematically violating the UN Convention Against Torture and that UN officials knowingly allow this violations.

After several years diligently ignoring the denounces of xenophobic discrimination, human right violations and torture, sent to them by a victim of heinous crimes against humanity, Amnesty International finally gave signs of life… but not precisely to defend the victim or to honor their proclaimed “principles” and “humanitarian” mission in favor of human rights. On the contrary, the resulting situation clearly shows that Amnesty International couldn’t care less about discrimination, about asylum-seekers rights, about human rights and about torture victims rights. In fact, the only reason they exceptionally bothered to answer instead of ignoring the victim as they normally do, was because they made a technical mistake: a misconfiguration in one of their e-mail accounts, that when received the denounce of the victim, automatically resend it to others from an Amnesty International address. And since their IT department was unwilling to accept their error and responsibility, they thought it was more convenient to blame the sender of what their own server was doing.

It was in this context that Amnesty International made the (attached) recorded phone-call to accuse a torture victim, without any proof whatsoever, of doing “something” that they themselves don’t even know exactly what it is, that resulted in their own server resending an e-mail message. Together with this unclear accusation, they had no better idea than to try to intimidate the torture victim with “legal actions” if he didn’t do, in less than 48 hours, what they were compelling him to do. Let me clarify that at no point of the recorded conversation, neither afterwards, anyone of Amnesty International showed the least interest in the xenophobia, human right violations and torture crimes they were informed of. Till this day, they haven’t requested copy of the documents that were offered to them, proving the UN CAT violations committed by Belgium and covered-up by the UN officials. Have in mind that if what I am denouncing is correct, and my documents prove it, literally thousands of torture victims around the world could be affected by the corruption in the UN office supposed to be ensuring that the Convention Against Torture is strictly respected. Shouldn’t Amnesty International be much more concerned about this very serious and outrageous situation, rather than about their e-mail technical problem?

According to what Amnesty International proclaims in its own website ( “governments often put more effort into denying or covering up torture than carrying out full investigations when a complaint is made [exactly what I am denouncing the Belgian regime did]”. That’s why Amnesty International believes that: “one of the best ways to prevent torture and make sure torturers can’t get away with it, is to bring it into view”. Clearly Amnesty International believes (and recommends) that the best way to make sure torturers can’t get away with it, is to expose the facts. Following the same logic, Amnesty International must also believe that the best way to make sure torturers CAN get away with it, is to keep the facts out of view (concealing it). Is Amnesty International currently exposing the facts they know or are they collaborating with their silence to keep this situation out of view? Their own principles applied to their own lack of actions show that Amnesty International is knowingly and willingly collaborating in the concealment of torture crimes.

The ten proclaimed principles Amnesty International had to treason to favor impunity

 In order to analyze this, let’s compare what Amnesty International says in their own website they do, with what they really do. Having in mind that I am an asylum seeker; discriminated for nationality reasons; denouncing human right violations; torture and that Belgium has violated the UN Convention Against Torture with the collaboration of the UN, my situation fits at least four different areas of proclaimed interest by Amnesty International. Still, they have never shown any interest whatsoever.

Principle 1: “No government is beyond scrutiny”. Belgium must be the exception to that rule.

Principle 2: “We investigate and expose the facts, whenever and wherever abuses happen”. Not in this case, where they are knowingly avoiding any investigation and concealing the known facts.

Principle 3: “We lobby governments, and other powerful groups such as companies. Making sure they keep their promises and respect international law”. Not in this case, where I have offered them documents that prove the violations of an international agreement and they don’t even want to see the documents.

Principle 4: “Through our detailed research and determined campaigning, we help fight abuses of human rights worldwide”. No detailed research nor any campaign was done in my case.

Principle 5: “We bring torturers to justice”. Not in this case.

Principle 6: “For decades, Amnesty has exposed governments who torture”. Not in this case.

Principle 7: “We also support torture survivors to get justice”. Not in this case.

Principle 8: “Amnesty’s work is rooted in the principle of non-discrimination”. They discriminated me.

Principle 9: “Amnesty has championed the human rights of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants for decades”. Apparently they have stopped championing the human rights of asylum-seekers when I became one.

Principle 10: “We work to make sure governments honour their responsibility to protect their rights [asylum-seekers], condemning any policies and practices that undermine them”. The attached picture (Welcome-refugees.jpg), that I sent to Amnesty International almost two months ago (no reaction at all), shows the cardboard box I slept in for many months while “living” in the streets as a discriminated asylum-seeker under the international “protection”, with no money, no food, no drinking water, no bathroom, no medical assistance, etc..

The big elephant in Amnesty International’s office

In their website, Amnesty International proclaims that: “We investigate and expose the facts, whenever and wherever abuses happen”. So let’s see what are the facts here, that Amnesty International is so reluctant to investigate and expose: that big and smelly elephant they currently have in the middle of their office.

Fact 1: Belgium systematically ignore the allegations of torture, violating articles 12 and 13 of the UN Convention Against Torture. This is not an opinion, this is a documented fact. If Amnesty International DOESN’T WANT to see the documents that prove it, to collaborate thus in the concealment of the violation, that is another story.

Fact 2: The UN authorities have been formally informed through the appropriate channels, with copy of all the documents that prove it, of the Belgian violations, and they have decided to allow Belgium to walk away with it. This is not an opinion, this is a documented fact. If Amnesty International DOESN’T WANT to see the documents that prove it, to collaborate thus in the concealment of the cover-up, that is another story.

Fact 3: The two attached documents prove that Amnesty International acknowledge that they have received the denounce I sent them with all this information, so they are perfectly aware of the situation, but still they have decided to do nothing about it.

Fact 4: As a result of the misconfiguration problem in their system, Amnesty International has unwillingly resent all this information (as you can see in the attached document) to the European Court of Human Rights, to the International Criminal Court and also to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Three international institutions whose MAIN purpose (if not their sole purpose), is to defend human rights and fight against human right violations. All of them have been informed by Amnesty International (again, unwillingly), ofvery serious human right violations. What are this three institutions going to do about it? And if they decide to do nothing and collaborate in the cover-up efforts, would Amnesty International stay in silence seeing how this three very important human right institutions act against human rights?

Let’s wait and see which one of them will bell the cat first. Meanwhile, I ask everyone to follow the recommendation of Amnesty International to prevent torture and make sure torturers can’t get away with it: “bring it into view”.

 Kind regards,

Gustavo Calandra

[email protected]

Phone: 0487 76 41 16

Brussels, Belgium

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