America’s suicidal war with Pakistan




Early this month, Washington’s stagged death of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad has proved that Obama administration is in its final stages to denuclearize Pakistan before US-Israel planned attack on Islamic Republic from possible four fronts (Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan). In the aftermath of the faked Osama Bin Laden’s assassination, the US Jewish Lobby has accelerated its propaganda campaign calling for a freeze on USAID to Pakistan as a punitive measure for its providing heaven to Osama Bin Laden (Pakistan has received $20 billion as compared to Israel’s $3,000 billion since 1970s). In addidtion to that the CIA-Mossad-RAW alliance have kept its terror activities inside Pakistan.

Pakistan is not an easy military target as was Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. It’s the only Muslim country with nuclear deterrant (70-90 nuclear bombs) and home to the third largest Armed Force in the region after its neighboring China and India. In addition, Pakistan provides the major lifeline to US-NATO occupation force of 150,000 soldiers plus over 100,000 private contractors in Afghanistan. More than 75% of military and civilian supplies to over 400 foreign bases in occupied Afghanistan pass through Pakistan via land or airspace.

The Israel-Firsters lawmakers at the Capitol Hill like to forget that Pakistan doesn’t live on US handouts alone as Israel does. Pakistan has an active partnership with another major power, potentially a viable substitute for the US should relations with the Obama administration continue to deteriorate. The US-Pakistan relationship has swung from close alliance in the Afghan-USSR years of the 1980s to unmistaken alienation in the early 1990s, when Pakistan was on AIPAC’s watch list as a state supporting international terrorism. Relations between Pakistan and China, on the other hand, have been consistently cordial for almost three decades. Pakistan’s Chinese alliance, noted fitfully by the US is one of its most potent weapons in any future showdown with the Obama administration.

In the face of the coming military confrontaion – China has officially put the United States on notice that Washington’s planned attack on Pakistan will be interpreted as an act of aggression against China. This blunt warning represents the first known strategic ultimatum received by the United States in half a century, going back to Soviet warnings during the Berlin crisis of 1958-1961, and indicates the grave danger of general war growing out of the US-Pakistan confrontation.

Last year, Jeff Gates, wrote a very informative article, entitled America Needs Pakistan’s Help – Again in which he exposed the evil Zionist forces working against US interests in the region.

Listen to a video below exposing the global strategy of the Zio-American empire and its nefarious plans against Pakistan

Ordinary Americans need the assistance of Islamabad now more than at any time in the past six decades. That aid lies not in combating “Islamo fascism” but in countering the influence inside the U.S. of Israeli war-planners known for their expertise at provoking extremism.

Pakistan must realize that the same mental and emotional manipulation deployed to induce a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq is now being used to provoke an invasion of Iran. By destabilizing Pakistan and portraying its western provinces as a haven for Al Qaeda, Zionists will make it appear that Islamabad’s nuclear arsenal is insecure. That perception heightens the plausibility of an attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran, citing a nuclear risk.

Pakistan must quickly realize—and candidly acknowledge—that the Obama presidency is even more thoroughly staffed by Zionists than the Bush administration and even the notoriously pro-Israeli Clinton presidency.

Watch a video below and learn the global strategy of the Zio-American empire and its nefarious plans against Pakistan.

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