America’s New “Angels of Death

America’s New “Angels of Death”: Inject Humanity with a Gene-altering Death-dealing Technology. Medical Professionals Cannot Claim Ignorance
By: Prof. Bill Willers,
Early in the declared Covid19 Pandemic, America’s medical community —  and this included America’s pharmacies  —  coalesced around a system of outlawing medicines known to be effective, safe and inexpensive, notably ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. In time, it became obvious that withholding early treatment was crucial for the pharmaceutical industry’s project to vaccinate the world against a claimed Covid19 virus.
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True Leadership at a Time of Crisis

By Julian Rose,
Minds that work three dimensionally cannot solve the problems of the world. They can only make them worse. Those who see themselves as being ‘in charge’ of world events are not able to understand the actual nature of the problems they are supposed to deal with, so obviously they can’t change them for the better.
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Blinken’s Gone Bonkers: Russia Is Alleviating, Not Worsening, Sri Lanka’s Crisis!

By Andrew Korybko,
By pointing to dramatic footage of recent events in Sri Lanka and telling everyone that President Putin was personally responsible for provoking chaos in a far-away land, Blinken is scaremongering by getting Westerners to fear that their country might be the next to go bankrupt and subsequently descend into disorder unless they support all of their government’s efforts to preemptively “thwart this tyrant”.
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The Imposition of Global “Green Capitalism”: Farmers Demand Their Rights in Europe

By Lucas Leiroz de Almeida,
The impositions of global “green capitalism” are not being pacifically accepted in all parts of Europe. Dutch farmers have started a popular insurrection against a bill that severely harms local agribusiness. The protests quickly spread, resulting in an international phenomenon, with episodes in other countries which have similar problems.
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World Economic Forum ‘Anti-Corruption’ Champion Is Pfizer Director and Reuters CEO. “No Conflict of Interest”

By Natalie Winters,
Jim Smith – whose concurrent roles as a Pfizer board member and Reuters CEO appear to pose a conflict of interest – serves as a board member of the World Economic Forum’s anti-corruption initiative.
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Taiwan and the Making of an “Asian” NATO

By Danny Haiphong,
NATO’s ambitions are nothing more than an extension of U.S. foreign policy objectives. The primary objective of U.S. imperialism at this moment in history is the containment of China—a euphemism for war.
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Is Iraq’s Notorious ‘Oil for Food Program’ to be Repeated in Libya?

By Dr. Mustafa Fetouri,
The United States Ambassador to Tripoli, Richard Norland, who is also his country’s Envoy to Libya, has been openly pushing forward a plan to deny the Libyan State the freedom of using the oil revenues in accordance with Libyan sovereignty over its resource. Oil makes roughly 98 per cent of the country’s foreign currency earnings and the country has plenty of it.
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Pfizer Classified Nearly Every Severe Adverse Reaction During COVID Vaccine Trials as “Not Related to Shots”

By Ethan Huff,
The reason why Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” was declared to be “safe and effective” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is because Pfizer lied about the outcomes of its clinical trials.
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The Dollar vs. the Yuan: Global Inflation, The Federal Reserve and China’s Measures to Stabilize Her Economy

By Peter Koenig,
Under normal circumstances inflation occurs, when too many monetary units (US dollars, Euros, Chinese Yuan) chase too few goods. But we are not living in normal times. To the contrary. We are living in an increasingly divided world, not only in political terms – West vs. East / Global North vs. Global South – but also in monetary terms.
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Being Salt of the Earth… And the Plight of Children of the World. Prof. Siegwart-Horst Günther

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel,

Salt is the sustaining principle that counteracts corruption or rot. The imagery of the “salt of the earth” was recently expressed by a wonderful interviewee, which immediately won me over. The topic of discussion was the human sense of community as the unshakeable logic of human coexistence and the question: Will human sense of community and the spirit of responsibility overcome greed for power and violence?
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