American Zionist Immigrant to IsraHell: ‘IsraHell Can’t be Home to African Migrants’



The enormous hypocrisy and hardball ethnocentricism of Zionists has been highlighted once again with a new article in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper which says that Israel cannot be home to African migrants—written by an American Jew who only recently moved to Israel after advocating “native Indian” rights in the US.
The article is written by Jerusalem-based Matthew Mausner, who is co-founder of the Israeli organizations “Off The Map” and “Left In”, which attempt to combat the delegitimization of Israel.” He worked as an analyst on Wall St. for many years before making “Aliyah,” (immigrating to Israel) and was an activist on behalf of American-Indian-land-rights issues.
In the article, Mausener says that “Jews of almost all stripes, Palestinians of various degrees of remove, Christian and Bahai and other religious pilgrims, and even international NGO workers, all make various claims of priority or right to enter the borders of the state of Israel legally, and stay. But African migrants, regardless of their temporary plights or need of asylum, cannot crack the top of the list.
“No matter our sympathies, we simply may not be able to let them stay, to carve a place for them in our overcrowded and coveted land.
“Many Africans made it safely here, braving the natural and man-made dangers of long journeys from famine and danger to our tiny country. What can we offer them, if we cannot offer them a permanent or even temporary place to stay, to work, to live, to rebuild their shattered lives? What is there to tell them? How can we help?
“The stories we usually tell about ourselves may be of some small consolation. Yes, we’ve been exiled, even from Africa, a whole history of dispossession and persecution and Diaspora, and yes, our little state is a phoenix risen from the ashes of destruction. Yes, most of the African migrants are Christians or Muslims, thus they probably know our mythic story in at least the broadest outlines.
“We are, or can be, the model for every small tribal village people now living in or fleeing to the slums of Accra or Cairo or Calcutta or Chongqing or Quito. They need our help.
“Israel itself may not be the place for them to perform that pole vault – our unique milieu may not permit a megacity to morph into being.”
In other words, these African refugees must go somewhere else—like America or Europe—and seek to better themselves there. Anywhere but Israel.
One standard for Jewish Supremacists, another for the Goyim.
Illustration: A schematic diagram of an Israeli border fence.

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