American Radio Host Calls Iranian President Source of Inspiration, Hope


One of the main programs of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while visiting New York to attend the 67th annual UN General Assembly session, was holding meetings with different groups of Americans, including the leaders of Abrahamic religions.
Interview by Kourosh Ziabari
American journalist, radio host and activist Mark Glenn was among tens of religious figures who attended the meeting with the Iranian President.
Speaking of his viewpoints about the Iranian President, Mark Glenn said, “during dark times such as these in which we all find ourselves today, he has been a great source of personal inspiration and hope for me. When we consider what passes as “statesmen” these days, whether it is war criminals such as George Bush or Barack Obama, how does someone watching all of this not find reasons for hope when men such as Ahmadinejad stand up against the tyrants and murderers of the world fearlessly?”
Mark Glenn is the host of the Ugly Truth Radio Show and a religious author and activist based in Idaho. Glenn who leads the Cross and Crescent Solidarity Movement is a strong supporter of Iran and believes that Iran is a country which the Almighty God has selected for a special mission: “it is my strong personal belief that God has touched the Iranian nation and her people for a very special, we might even say divine task, for these dark days.”
What follows is the text of Fars News Agency’s interview with Mark Glenn to whom we have talked about his meeting with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the viewpoints the Iranian President raised in the meeting.
Q: Mark; what’s your assessment of your meeting with Iranian President? What impression did you get of him? How much different is the reality of Mr. Ahmadinejad from what the Western mainstream media portray of him?
A: Well, the first thing that needs to be established in contextualizing my answer is that I did not go to New York as an “unbiased journalist,” if such a thing could actually exist. I am a big supporter of President Ahmadinejad and have been for many years. During dark times such as these in which we all find ourselves today, he has been a great source of personal inspiration and hope for me. When we consider what passes as “statesmen” these days, whether it is war criminals such as George Bush or Barack Obama, how does someone watching all of this not find reasons for hope when men such as Ahmadinejad stand up against the tyrants and murderers of the world fearlessly?
Having said that, my personal estimation of the man was not raised or lowered as a result of the meeting. He was exactly what I have come to know of him over the many years I have watched him on TV and read what he has had to say in the printed media, both in the West and in Iran. He is decent, humble, intelligent, and above all else, fair.
The difference in the way he is portrayed in the western media owned and controlled by organized Zionist interests is of such a stark nature that it probably cannot even be measured. It is the motto of Israel intelligence/assassination agency Mossad that “by way of deception we shall make war,” and the manner by which Ahmadinejad has been portrayed in the Western Zionist media is but one manifestation of this motto. Everything he has been described being he is not, and by contrast, everything he is contradicts what has been said and written about him.
The best way I could sum up and compare the media-driven hysteria about him is to recall how the Jews of Jesus’ day were raising riots against Him in order to destroy His character and His message, and that is the way I would describe the 3 days I was in New York watching the insane behavior on the part of the Zionist media and the hooligans on the street-Good Friday, 33 A.D. in Jerusalem.
Q: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is among the few political leaders in the world whose statements, speeches and interviews always include religious overtones and allusions. He always talks about the apocalyptic return of the last Savior to fulfill the historic mission which has been entrusted to him by the Almighty God, and that Jesus Christ will be accompanying Imam Mahdi when he returns. What’s your take on that? What do you make of Iranian President’s religious views?
A: I will admit as a Christian that my faith has been strengthened and deepened as a result of studying what Islam has to say about Jesus and His teachings. As I indicated in the speech that I gave at the banquet honoring President Ahmadinejad, I purchased a book on Islam shortly after 9/11 for a mere 50 cents (half a US dollar) and it was a life changing event for me. It is the reason I wound up at the gathering in New York and why you and I are doing this interview right now.
Having said that, I am intrigued with the Islamic and particularly the Shiite understanding of Jesus and His return. My first encounter with this theme of the Islamic return of Jesus was coincidentally when President Ahmadinejad granted me the honor of sitting down in front of a video camera and recording a short speech a few years ago that was then played at a conference I was helping to put together entitled “No More Wars For Israel” out in California. You can imagine how honored and humbled I was that he would grant me such a request, but the truth is that I was much more moved by what he had to say concerning Jesus’ return than I was by the honor he bestowed upon me.
And in many ways, it is this notion-that both Muslims and Christians are awaiting the return of Jesus for the great battle between good and evil, that I use now in trying to bring the 2 peoples together against their common enemy, meaning organized Zionist interests.
Q: One of the issues which President Ahmadinejad raised in his speech to your meeting was the release and distribution of a sacrilegious movie which insulted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). What’s your idea about this movie, the people behind it and similar attacks on the sanctities of Muslims which can be seen in light of a growing wave of Islamophobia in the West?
A: I think it is important that we understand this blasphemous movie for what it is-an intelligence operation originating out of Israel that has but one express motive-to throw a bucket of gasoline on an already out of control fire.
Organized Zionist interests desperately want to see the Christian and Islamic worlds at war with each other for the next 100 years, something that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu made expressly clear in a speech he recently made at an event honoring Shimon Peres. Christianity and Islam represent the other two Abrahamic faiths which organized Zionist interests consider to be pagan in nature, and therefore must be destroyed. That is the goal behind the Israeli-engineered “clash of civilizations”, to see Judaism’s two main competitors wipe each other out through a century or more of apocalyptic wars.
The other item that deserves mention here is the hypocrisy of it all. In these same western nations where Islam and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) are blasphemed with impunity, a person is thrown into prison for as much as 7 years for questioning the “official” (meaning Zionist) narrative as far as the Holocaust is concerned. And yet the west lectures other countries such as Iran on what it means to be a “free” and “enlightened” country. How backwards things have become.
Q: What do you think about President Ahmadinejad’s comments on Israel and the Holocaust? Drawing upon his comments with regards to Israel, many American critics of Iranian President have accused him of propagating anti-Semitic sentiments, while there are several Western scholars who have questioned the official accounts of the Holocaust and sided with Iranian President. What’s your idea?
A: Again, my position is the same as that of President Ahmadinejad-why must we have laws protecting the truth? Why threaten people with prison for questioning the official narrative of the Holocaust if the facts are there to support it? What are the guardians of this strange, relatively new religion afraid of? Is this not intolerance, threatening people with prison if they refuse to believe this strange new religion blindly? Is this not “conversion by the sword,” exactly what organized Zionist interests allege about Islam?
“Anti-Semitism” is the hollow, empty cry that organized Zionist interests use in shutting down a discussion that threatens to reveal them for the criminals they are. They know that their argument cannot withstand an open, honest application of facts and reason, and this is the reason why no discussion of this topic is permitted.
And the reasons for this are obvious. For these organized Zionist interests the Holocaust is like the goose that lays the golden egg, over and over and over. It is like a winning lottery ticket that never expires and is redeemable every day, week after week for eternity. By always claiming victim status, organized Zionist interests have succeeded in robbing the world more effectively than an armada of Pirates sailing the seas pillaging everything in sight.
And as far as the President being an “anti-Semite,” they might as well accuse him of being a little green man from outer space, as this is actually more believable. Iran is home to the largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside of Israel. If he truly were the “anti-Semite” as organized Zionist interests claim, why has he not rounded up all Iran’s Jews and sent them to the gas chambers? Again, remember the motto of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad-By way of deception (lying) we shall do war…
Q: How can Iran play an effective role in fostering inter-faith dialogue? Iran has always been considered as a country where the followers of divine religions co-exist with each other in a peaceful manner and equally contribute to social progress of the country. Iranian leaders have always called for the integrity and solidarity between the followers of Abrahamic religions. What’s your viewpoint in this regard?
A: I believe interfaith dialogue is one of the most effective weapons at our disposal in defeating the forces of organized evil. As I stated earlier, as a Christian my life was permanently changed by reading what Islam had to say about Jesus. I am confident that this would be the same with other Christians if they were to come to realize how they are being seduced by organized Zionist interests into believing these lies about Islam. Islam is not responsible for defaming Jesus Christ and destroying, denigrating the Christian character of the West. Are Muslims in control of the mass media? Are Muslims in control of Hollywood? Are Muslims destroying the moral fiber of the West? No, it is not Muslims, and we all know who it is.
So in that regard, Iran is the place for bringing about this interfaith dialogue you mention. In Iran all faiths are protected by law. Israel certainly cannot make this claim, as Christian churches and Islamic mosques are set on fire everyday, where clerics from these two faiths are spat upon by those claiming to be God’s chosen people. It certainly cannot be any of the western countries that are under the domination of organized Zionist interests who make it a point to insult Islam on a daily basis. The Arab countries are in too much tumult and are suffering from deliberate sectarianism.
Therefore, Iran should be the player in all this to begin a rational, reasonable discussion of this type. What I envision is an international conference along the same lines as the Holocaust conference that took place in Tehran a few years ago, and where major figures from the Christian and Islamic faiths can meet, greet and speak like rational men of good will. The alternative to this is what we see taking place right now; organized Zionist interests pitting the two faiths against each other and all the suffering and mayhem that it has produced.
Q: I read that in your meeting, President Ahmadinejad talked about the threats issued by the Israeli regime against Iran over its nuclear program. He said that Iran doesn’t take such threats seriously, and that Israel is not powerful enough to confront Iran militarily or politically. What do you think about Israel’s intensified war rhetoric against Iran?
A: I think that Israel is desperate and that this desperation is evident. As the history of the last half century has proven, Israel must have war every 10 years or so in order to hold together what is an organically-fractured society. If there were no war, Israel would disintegrate. That is the reason that it is so important to her that the region be in a state of constant turmoil and upheaval.
At the same time, it is important for Israel that she maintain the notion that the US is her private attack dog, and the fact that the US is dragging her feet in launching this war against Iran as Israel has demanded is causing the Jewish state a lot of embarrassment, and especially with the whole world watching.
The reason Israel demands Iran’s destruction is simple. Iran is a free, sovereign state that dares to oppose Zionist lies and oppression. Iran is not in turmoil and upheaval, like the other countries of the region, and Israel fears that eventually these other countries will begin to see Iran as a role model in the region and begin allying themselves with her, and in the process, peace, order and tranquility will return to the region, resulting in Israel’s disintegration.
I agree with the president’s assessment as well concerning Israel’s military capacity in destroying Iran. As Israel has demonstrated time and again, she can only win wars when the people she is attacking are defenseless men, women and children.
Q: What do you think about the efforts made by Iranian President to reach out to the American public? He gave several interviews and held different meetings with groups of American journalists, religious figures, academicians and students while in New York. Given the unending animosity of the US against Iran and the biased portrayal of Iran affairs by the American media, are such efforts effective in presenting to the American public a realistic and fair image of Iran?
A: I think that there are some people in America who understand the nature of the game being played here and for them, it is effective. However, what must be understood is that when it comes to the propaganda dished out by organized Zionist interests, the American people are in large part like drug addicts who cannot be reasoned with. Zionism is a drug for them and they love it and don’t want to part with it. And remember, they have been injecting this poison into their intellectual veins now for almost half a century. Therefore, President Ahmadinejad’s outreach through use of the American media, as noble an attempt as it is, nevertheless will fall on a lot of deaf ears. Unfortunately the American people are going to have to learn the hard way, when they wake up one morning and find their country has been destroyed as a result of a century of Zionist-led wars that have bankrupted the nation. Then, and sadly, only then, will they come to realize the error of their ways.
This is not to say however that neither the President nor his successor should try. As I said in the speech I gave in his presence, miracles happen everyday. I bought a book for a mere 50 cents and it changed my life. We cannot underestimate God’s power and providence in all of this, and as Jesus Himself said in one of his many teachings, the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, the tiniest of all seeds, that then grows into the mightiest of trees.
Q: How do you see the future of Iran in the light of war threats, economic sanctions and media propaganda directed by the United States, Israel and their European allies? Can Iran withstand the pressures and realize its objectives?
A: It is my strong personal belief that God has touched the Iranian nation and her people for a very special, we might even say divine, task for these dark days. As I pointed out in a personal letter I sent to President Ahmadinejad this past summer, it was the Iranian people who first paid official homage to Jesus Christ when He was visited by the three kings from the East who honored Him with gifts of Frankencense and Mirrh shortly after His birth, giving the rest of the world the celebration of Christmas that so many know today.
I believe this, as well as many others, is the reason Iran was blessed with victory in her revolution of 1979 and why she remains a stable, viable political and cultural entity today in a part of the world where stability is as scarce as water.
At the same time however, I cannot but be honest in admitting my concerns and fears for Iran in the coming months and years. Israel is a mad dog and is beyond rational behavior. She is not only capable of doing the worst, she is inclined towards such, and we can dismiss the notion that she is simply going to walk away from all this and admit defeat if she does not get the war she demands. For Israel, this is worse than death itself.
It is for this reason therefore that I foresee Israel doing something crazy, and I mean really crazy, in order to get this fire lit.
Therefore, let us not play games here. We know Israel was intimately involved in bringing about the terrorist attacks of 9/11 that started this present clash of civilizations. We know that Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to the deaths of 3,000 Americans was one of glee, saying that the attacks were “good,” because they would bring “immediate sympathy for Israel.” We know as well that Netanyahu’s Defense Minister right now-Ehud Barak, was within minutes of the attacks of 9/11, calling for a full scale war against Israel’s enemies throughout the world.
Therefore, it is not that difficult for thinking men to envision what lengths Israel in the persons of Netanyahu and Barack is willing to go to in getting the war started. But instead of hijacked airliners, what will it be instead? An Israeli nuclear weapon smuggled into the US under diplomatic pouch detonated in a major American city that is then blamed on Iran? A series of coordinated attacks across the country? The assassination of the American President or of many American officials that is then blamed on Iran? The list is endless.
So it is then in these dark days that we must do what we can in shedding the light of truth on this situation and hope that God, the merciful and compassionate, will look upon our meager efforts and reward us with His protection and defeat of the present evil, reminding ourselves along the way what it says in the Holy Koran concerning the machinations of the evil doers: “They plot, but God is the wisest of plotters.”

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