Williams’ firing- Just Another Psy-op Against America In Masking Jewish Power

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October 22, 2010
 by crescentandcross

At the risk of appearing cheeky, nevertheless I’ll say it–Damn, I’m getting’ good at this. The difficulty associated with figuring out the next move on the part of the Kosher Kabal is now tantamount to figuring out who’s buried in Grant’s tomb. A sign from God that I should start playing the ponies at the track? We shall see.
Anyway, on to my prognostication. As soon as it had hit the airwaves–meaning the comments made by Fox News Dude Juan Williams, to wit–
“When I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”
–I asked myself–
“Ok, HOW MANY MICROSECONDS before he gets fired in a VERY media-intensive way in order to give the various professional shriekers in the Jewish controlled media all the Prima Facie evidence they need in re-propagandizing Americans into believing that ‘THEM MOOOZLEMS’ control everything and that soon America will be succumbing to Sharia Law?”
Well, as the narrative has proven, I wasn’t to be at all disappointed. Faster than a person could utter “By way of deception, thou shalt do war” (motto of Israel’s Mossad) it was a done deal… Juan was gone and the sirens of the pro-war/anti-Muslim crowd had all the ammunition they needed in changing the tune from “them Jooz” who control everything in the U.S. (as events prove on a daily basis) back to “THEM MOOOZLEMS”.
See, they simply HAD to do it. A few weeks ago, when CNN anchor Rick Sanchez was given the Kosher jackboot for making the unarguably-true comment concerning the “demographic makeup” of media ownership in America, he was basically proven correct in the court of public opinion. It stood out there like a hastily-disposed of body bobbing up and down in the water indicating that a murder had taken place and everyone knew who the culprits were.
And this at a time when professional Jewish groups (tasked with casting spells of confusion over the American people) are working OVERTIME these days dealing with all those “old canards” linking Jews to money, financial manipulation & ruin, control of the media, control of politics, etc, etc, etc, to say nothing of other petty, little, and unimportant items such as Israel’s direct involvement in getting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan going and the overtly-Jewish drive to see Iran destroyed.
Furthermore, every other day it seems some nice Jewish guy or gal is being arrested for trafficking in human organs, sex slaves, espionage against the US, financial swindles and just about every other Old Testament-sanctioned business against non-Chosenoids imaginable. Absent that, we have creatures such as Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef making off-the cuff comments about how non-Jews exist for one purpose and one purpose only (i.e. serving the master race) and therefore what all this means is that there is big trouble in little Jerusalem, meaning the U.S. The cat might not be totally out of the bag yet, but he’s got one heavily-clawed arm out and is swinging it wildly and it won’t be long before the guy holding the bag drops it and Mr. Kitty is a free agent.
Gawd! I mean LOOK AT the timing of it all! Within days of each other–2 guys with Hispanic names, one who gets fired for factually stating that Jews run the media and the other getting fired for opinionating that Islam and terrorism are synonymous. No doubt, those sitting in the board rooms at various Jewish interest groups were dealing with a dilly of a pickle when it came to firing Sanchez, in that it HAD to be done, because if he had been allowed to get away with making statements like those more were sure to follow from others. At the same time however, they knew by firing him that he would basically be proven correct, so how to negate it? Simple–
Have another commentator say something bad about Islam and get fired for it and then get the show back on the road that Muslims and their “pervasive influence” in America pose a mortal danger to America’s freedoms.
So, in order to keep the same American people (“blessed” with the privilege of expending every drop of blood and treasure they possess in fighting Israel’s wars for her) asleep as to WHO controls their world and why, Juan Williams simply HAD to go. If he had been allowed to remain, well then, people would see the obvious double standard so much a part of how things are done in the land of the free and home of the brave these days. Then, before you know it they will begin putting 2 and 2 together in coming up with 4, and then 4 and 4 with 8, and so on and so on and the next thing you know, they have figured out the game being played against them and are madder than hell about it. Pretty soon, it’s not “THEM MOOZLEMS” and their Sharia law Americans are biting their fingernails down to the bone over, but rather “THEM JOOZ” and their Talmudic Law stinking the place up like a dead fish.
As easy as pouring water out of a boot with the directions on the heel, Americans then figure out WHO is really responsible for the near-total ruination of their country, and with all the predictable results that the lessons of history have offered ever since a guy named Abraham was kicked out of Egypt after selling his wife into prostitution to the Pharaoh.
Now, having just won on that hand, I’d be willing to up the ante one further in saying that Williams was more than likely TOLD to make the comments he did, with the assurance that after he lost his place at NPR he would be given an even BIGGER ONE with Fox, which is exactly what has taken place.
Bets have been placed everyone. Any takers?
© Mark Glenn
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