America in Ruins


by John Kaminski

Hijacked by a foreign power, America crumbles into ruins.

(This edited article has had a few bits added to it by Lasha Darkmoon, including pictures and captions, but John Kaminski has provided the bulk of the text.  Here is the original source.)


As their nation disintegrates from a controlled financial demolition, engineered environmental disasters, and medical malpractice that has needlessly cost the lives of millions, the debilitated residents of the United States — perhaps too late to save themselves — are painfully waking up to the realization that their country has been taken over by a foreign power.

Their fortunes stolen by corrupt profiteers, their minds debilitated by behavioral deceptions, and their children condemned to perpetual wars that never needed to happen, the shell-shocked citizens of what was formerly the greatest country on Earth now face extermination and ruin because of the blatant lies they have been bamboozled into believing.

Their health weakened by toxic medications, their property stolen in swindles that were later legalized, and their futures annihilated by deadly addictions tapping into their own desires, the imminent destruction of America presages a worldwide catastrophe already well underway — one that foreshadows the extinction of all life on earth.

The world’s a mess;
Dystopia looms.
The cleaners confess
We’ve lost our brooms!—
And the doomed play chess
In their sunless rooms.
—   Anon, Where’s Heaven Now?

As the trees turn brown and the oceans congeal into toxic jelly, the blame for this unprecedented cataclysmic crisis in all its myriad manifestations inevitably leads back to the same source — to the shadowy cabal who control the money supply and continue to poison everything they touch.

The United States of America has not been run by Americans for a very long time, if ever.

A half-black Jew who changed his name to Alexander Hamilton derailed the experiment in participatory democracy at the very birth of the American republic. Chief aide to George Washington during the Revolutionary War, it was Hamilton who spearheaded the creation of a central bank that forever would prevent freedom-seeking European colonists from achieving their idealistic goals of liberty and happiness.

A little more than a century later, a mass influx of Russian Jews, disingenuously claiming persecution in their own homelands, descended on America like a pack of locusts. Through their corruption of the political process and the imposition of a colossal scam that let them charge Americans high rates of interest for their own money, these alien intruders precipitated the downward slide into deception and disease from which the US would never recover.

This same strategy today of uncontrolled immigration has collapsed America’s infrastructure into a meaningless morass of overburdened social services. These have utterly transformed the very ethos of the US from one of high-principled self-reliance into a degraded dependence on free lunches and a stealthy swindling of national resources.

The people, suffocating from the corrupt opportunism of their politicians and the criminal Jewish cabal who give the politicians their marching orders, lie buried under a mound of mendacities and oppressions. To all intents and purposes, the people are disenfranchised. They are allowed to vote, but they have no one to vote for but a bunch of scoundrels who get their orders from the Jews.

Every day, every hour, every minute,  you can prove to yourself that America is not run by Americans. All you need to do is to watch television. You will see there the impress of the Jew, the mark of his alien importations.

If you search hard enough for the reason why this great experiment in American democracy has failed, why it lies in ruins, you will find it in the Jewish takeover of America.

You will find endless advertisements for needless products of dubious value. You will be deliberately misled and misinformed on all important matters relating to foreign policy, and the crimes of Israel in particular will be presented to you in the most glowing colors. You will be expected to bend the knee, like the other brainwashed sheeple who constitute the bulk of the American population, and kiss the blood-spattered hands of the mass murderers engaged in systematic genocide in Palestine.

Witness the subjugation of America in its dying days, behold America in its tragic decrepitude!

Jewish TV networks! Jewish Hollywood movies! Jewish magazines! Jewish newspapers! Jewish porn! Jewish control of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court! Jewish control of universities and the American Federation of Teachers! Jewish control of the American Medical Association and the American Bar Association! Jewish advisors from Israel instructing American cops how to kill and taser American citizens!

Everyone in America is now afraid to speak out about Jews for fear of losing their jobs. AIPAC and the ADL have been emboldened to advocateimprisonment for those who dare to criticize Israel’s crimes against humanity. Christian denominations are worried about their tax-exempt status if they presume to comment on Israel’s war atrocities and human rights violations.

Monsanto — once slave traders, then weapons makers — are now in control of the world’s food supply and have become the main peddlers of toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, Jewish control of the Internet through Google, Wikipedia, and the chokepoints of ISPs and wireless networks — all these conspire to terrify the American populace into fearful silence.

Sunk in slavery on all sides, and sick to death of their universal servitude, the American masses hardly know where to turn now in order to take refuge from the Talmudic terror that stalks them.

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!

The bogus bogeyman of terrorism, constantly seared into American consciousness by hysterical commentators demanding citizens give up their freedoms in exchange for a security that benefits no one except the very rich, was actually created by the very same psychopaths who invent new enemies. Reaping huge profits from the sale of deadly weapons, these bloated profiteers maim and kill innocent civilians all over the world. Only one thing remains constant and invariable: the victims are never Jews, they are always  gentiles.

Those who issue the orders to kill, as in Stalin’s reign of terror, are always important Jews in the higher echelons of government, though their Shabat goy puppets and enablers occupy the limelight and take all the flak.

And still, after all this time, the vast majority of Americans are unaware of the identity of their own killers. Deluded into philosemitism by the Jew-owned mass media, they fail to recognize the fact that the Talmudic Jew is their deadliest enemy — and has been their deadliest enemy for the last 2000 years.

Meanwhile, the Jews sit back and count the money they have stolen from both sides of every conflict — conflicts they have themselves engineered and profited from mightily, sublimely indifferent to the mass misery they have caused.

Even at this late date, America’s so-called “intelligentsia” refuse to factor in the Jewish problem as the basic reason for virtually all of society’s ailments. In apprehensive silence, we all keep our fingers crossed and hope things will improve as the dance of death continues. As the Talmudic firestorm of rape and murder and systematic genocide rages all round us, threatening to consume America in one final conflagration,  we await with mounting horror — for what?

For this: the state of vegetable numbness and atrophy, of permanent spiritual catatonia — and of endless, silent night.

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