Amendment to Nazi Penal Code: “Up to 20 Years Prison Sentence” for Stone-Throwing at Cars


Global Research

It has been reported today, Sunday, that the Netanyahu Government of Occupation has approved an amendment to the Israeli penal code that would enforce tougher punishment — up to 20 years in prison — for Palestinians who throw rocks at cars.

No mention was made of the appropriate punishment for those who use banned chemicals against unarmed civilians including women and children; or missiles to destroy schools and hospitals; high-explosive tank shells and banned cluster bombs to destroy power plants; bulldozers to destroy homes and olive groves, or drone operators sitting at desks who target and summarily execute political dissidents and their families.

Maybe the penal code should also be altered to prevent state-sponsored terrorism against villagers and their properties by the so-called ‘price tag’ terrorist gangs operating in the Occupied Palestinian Territories or to prevent the illegal settlement of Palestinian land in order to frustrate the UN and the EU in their specific requirement for an independent Palestinian state. After all, the Likud government coalition claims to represent the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’.

Or is it just a very, very sick joke by the last colonial government, anywhere.

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