"Ambassador has got blood on his hands"


I am not against Jews. I am not Anti-Semit, I am a Semit. We and Jews are from one father- Abraham. But we are also in Poland, I am polish citizen, I have the same rights as average Pole. I have the
right to say what is happening with my nation- says Omar Faris during conversation with Onet. Mr. Faris lecture at a polish high school has been cancelled because of the phone call from Israeli Embassy. Israeli Ambassador served Israeli Army and has blood on his hands- Faris adds.
Omar Faris was born in Syria on Golan Hill, after that his family was expelled from Palestine. Since he was 21 he has been living in Poland. In house owned by his parents, Israeli citizens are now living, Faris visited the place only once- as a member of a parliamentary delegation with polish passport.
Onet: You were invited to the 1st High School in Tarnów to speak about Israeli- Palestinian conflict within your point of view, the meeting was cancelled- why?
Omar Faris: The visit was not my initiative nor the director of the school, it was pupils’ idea. They have good relations with Israel and they want to get to know the other point of view. The meeting was about to happen on 21st of June. We were supposed to speak normally, about me, the people and our feelings, what we’ve gone through. The pupils made everything by themselves, they had raised many and organized all of it.
One day before the meeting a student called me and said that Israeli Ambassador called the director. She got scared of the words: “terrorist” and “Hamas” etc.
And was informed about the cancelation of the meeting by a pupil not the director?
I didn’t speak with her myself, because she wasn’t the one who invited me, but I understood , just because it wasn’t the first time. Through my whole life I had thousends of lectures, Israeli Embassy interevened many times, different places, but usually the organisors ignored them.
This time was different. Did you speak with Israeli Ambassador to clarify the issue?
I never spoke with him, firstly because I am Polish citizen and nobody from outside has the right to intervene into this and secondly Israeli Ambassador served Israeli Army and has blood of Palestinian people on his hands. As polish citizens, paying taxes here, I cannot let Israeli embassy to shut my mouth up. The same regards Minister Sikorski and professor Bartoszewski who supports Israel.
Poland and Paelstine have rich, dramatic history, unfortunately polish media are not friendly to Palestinians, that’s why we are going to use every opportunity that The Internet gives us to say what are nation is going through. We are the victim of the worst harm that could ever happen to a nation. We are the victim of Israel, America, UN and even of some Arab countries that are “puppet in US hands”.
Israeli Embassy warned the director that you are going to speak anty-Semitic and anti- Israeli way. What really did you want to say to those pupils?
Imagine, that a group of people is coming to your country and says that 3000 years ago their ancestors lived there, they are setting up a terrorist organization that kills your parents, steals lands. I am a normal man, I want to have my own country, passport and to be proud to be a Palestinian. I was born in a tent without water or electricity. In 1948 I were expelled from a village, Toba. It is widely known that Israel was created as a result of terrorist activity, they used II World War to organize Jews emigration onto Palestinian territory.
You are not supporting Israeli poli but you are not anti-Semit?
The most anti-Semitic book is “Venezian Merchant” wrote by Shakespeare, not an Arab. The most awful crimes on Jews has been committed in Europe. I am not against Jews. I have many friends who are Jews. However they falsified what is called „nationality”, there is no Jewish nation like there is no muslim or catholic nation
How do you imagine the end of the conflict today?
The only person who could carr out the peace process was Arafat, but he was poisoned.
I never accept the idea of “Jewish nation” like I don’t want Islamic country to be created.
The truth is that neither we won’t liquidate them not they won’t liquidate us. There Is no peace process today and I don’t see any chances for Palestine to be created. I want one country to be created for both nations. Despite the religion, democratic way.
How many Palestinians and Israelis would agree for common country with common government and law?
They hasn’e reach the agreement because of the Palestinian refugees, Jewish settlers and Jerusalem, that why the conflict disappear when there would be one democratic, non-religious country. Everybody has the right to return to his own country. Many Palestinians support the idea. 10 years ago I met with Jews, Palestinians, Europeans and Arabs, we created the association- One Democratic State. We figures out the idea of one state without nuclear weapon or apartheid. There are Jewish organizations supporting Palestinians. We have 10 Palestinian members in Kneset who have Israeli citizenship what proves that we are able to cooperate.
Could Poland play crucial role in reaching an agreement?
We want Poland to play crucial role in peace process as EU member state. If so, we want to help with improving polish- Arab relations, economic relations above all.
The previous year polish government representatives met with Israeli government in Jerusalem but with our people. We know polish government support Israel. But all we want is a peace but Israeli government doesn’t want it to be.
I want such people like Adam Michnik, who fought for independent Poland.
I never forget, president Lech Kacyznski who offered a plane and a hotel so that Palestinian children could be brought to Poland after Isreali bombing in Gaza Zone in 2008. We often cooperate with church in Poland.
How do you react when you hear accusation of terrorism and supporting Hamas?
I support Hamas as national-liberation movement. I oppose terrorism. According to World Trade Center I think nobody gave Bin Laden permission for activity like this, even in the name of Allah. But why the world does not condemn when the children in Gasa are dying? Why do we have double standards? For me, there is no difference between Jewish blood and catholic blood.This is death. I oppose to every single act of violence. The only thing we want is to return to our land

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