Alleged Syria Chemical Weapons Attack: OPCW to Rubber-Stamp Official Falsified Douma Narrative?


The alleged Douma CW incident never happened. The official narrative was fabricated as documented by Robert Fisk. 
Residents and medical personnel were unanimous in their judgment.
No attack occurred, no one ill or hospitalized from toxic CW exposure, no one dead, no one harmed in any way.
US, UK, French April 14 terror-bombing of Syrian sites was based on a Big Lie.
The OPCW’s fact-finding mission delayed its arrival in Douma for 11 days, falsely saying it was too unsafe to come sooner.
The town was liberated, the OPCW team was guaranteed security by Syrian and Russian forces. It was safe for the fact-finding mission members to come 11 days ago.
Why the unacceptable delay? The OPCW is notoriously pro-Western, its actions likely directed by Washington and/or Britain.
It rubber-stamped the official falsified narrative on the alleged April 2017 Khan Sheikhoun CW incident – without visiting the town, relying on so-called evidence from anti-Syrian elements, notably al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets.
No CW incident occurred. No site evidence suggested one. Khan Sheikhoun and Douma were replicas of each other – Syria and Russia falsely blamed for nonexistent CW incidents.
On Saturday, the OPCW fact-finding mission arrived in Douma. The organization issued a press release, saying:
Its mission members “visited one of the sites in Douma, Syrian Arab Republic today to collect samples for analysis in connection with allegations of chemical weapons use on 7 April 2018. The OPCW will evaluate the situation and consider future steps including another possible visit to Douma.”
Samples collected will be sent to the organization’s Rikswijk, Netherlands lab for analysis.
Based on the results, along with “other information and materials collected by the team,” it’ll prepare its “report for submission to the States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention for their consideration,” the press release added.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the OPCW’s delay in visiting Douma for 11 days after receiving a formal request from Damascus to inspect the alleged site in question was “unacceptable (since) not only the Syrian side but the Russian military guaranteed security” for the team.
Visiting one site, avoiding nearby others, taking few samples instead of many, as well as interviewing what appears to be pre-selected residents raises “serious concerns,” Zakharova stressed, adding:

The OPCW team “demonstate(d) (an) unwillingness to shed light on yet another staged provocation with the use of chemicals, which served as a reason for the missile strike.”

Washington and supportive Western media falsely accused Syria and Russia of preventing the mission from entering Douma sooner.
Here’s what’s at stake. If OPCW analysis confirms a CW incident, it’ll claim what didn’t happen.
If its report finds no evidence of CWs used, Washington, its rogue allies, and Western media will accuse Russia and Syria of tampering with the site.
Either way, the official falsified narrative won’t change, Syria declared guilty by accusation, further US-led terror bombing likely coming – notably because most missiles targeting Syrian military sites were destroyed in flight.
Since taking office, Trump escalated US naked aggression in Syria instead of stepping back from the brink.
Washington’s rage for dominance rules out any prospect for world peace and stability.

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