“All We Care About is Being Good Zionists”

Map restoration courtesy of Skulz

This country is so filled with crooks and criminals – a significant number of them being Yahweh’s “chosen people” that it is impossible to tip toe around it anymore.
(The quote in the title is at 1:35 of the video at the bottom of this post. Watch it and wave goodbye to the USA.)
1. So after ripping of Shiva knows how many Americans in one scandal after another and destroying Greece’s economy, Goldman Sachs is raking in billions and is a “stock to watch.” In the mean time, some woman named Marissa Mayerwho has never run any company ever, somehow, someway, just became the head of Yahoo. Wonder why? Well here’s quote from this article about Mayer.
Hat tip to our friend David who points out, “I find it interesting that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and as of Monday, Yahoo!, are all run by Jews.”
2. Why is Jonathan Pollard still in jail? My answer is that jail is the safest place he can be. However, the Forward has this article with the usual bitching and moaning about this traitor. It has some pretty funny quotes too.
Look at this howler. After the article points out that lots of people in the intelligence community might get super pissed if Pollard is released early – a very reasonable assumption – an unnamed source in this hasbara piece turns this upside down.
“[The agencies] are afraid that Pollard will become a hero in Israel if released,” one person said. “It would be humiliating for them.”
Shameless bastard. No doubt Pollard would be a hero in Israel if released. That should be an embarrassment for Jews, not the US government.
3. This is great. Israel is finding out that its media is controlled by Jews with an agenda! Just like in the US. You can’t make this shit up.
4. Sheldon Adelson wants the chosen people to continue running much of the country using Mormons as a front. Imagine the outcry if Romney were a Mooooooooselim. Oh, and if you want to have some fun, look into the history of the Mormon church. It should scare the shit out of you. But it won’t; you all are be too worried about them thar Mooselims.
5. It is entirely possible that the cretin featured in the video below will become the next Israeli Vice-President for American Affairs (IVPFAA). If you think things are bad now, and they are horrible, wait to you see what’s in store for you.
And that’s why in 2016 you will be ready to vote for Mark Dankof.

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