Algeria is an old renewed goal

Algeria police probe teen protester's claim of sex abuse – DNyuz

By: Dr Adel Samara

Daily event analysis, inspiration, not transient, takes you to get lost if you don’t read it in its historical context. This is what needs to be considered for the transfer of the concentration of the war of terrorism that I call ′′ terrorist orientation ′′ this time to the center of the Maghreb even without ending against the Mashreq.There’s a rule of two bricks that we need to consider to the point of launching:•

The counter revolution is always under the skin of our country and it is essentially present before the revolution because the aggression begins but started first, so,• When we analyze an event, we have to look inside first and dig deeper into the analysis of the inside, it reaches the root of the umbilical cord between aggression, i.e. the counter revolution and its tools from within.It is not required to read the defeat of the French enemy in Algeria out of white revenge to defeat him, but from capital interests first, because capital is compulsory before losing blood, so the capital is capital of the other class in the country of Kafrn In addition to the racist conquest, meaning ′′ how do these Eastern Bedouins defeat us… how did they understand their role despite our presence on their necks… so what is heedlessness!”.France’s uprooting from Algeria whether as a settlement or a military occupation shook French colonization throughout Africa, so the counter-voices of Algeria’s soil unit are undoubtedly in coordination with the French enemy.

She may be sleeping sometimes, but she didn’t die, and that’s one manifestation of the existence of the anti-revolution under the skin, the knives are also in the country, not to mention the Kimbrador and the separatists.Separation tools are always a cambradorian form in interest and cultural meanings and it is a top shell that exploits simple ethnic, communal, or even cultural output. The most dangerous thing about this is:• Always at war with the rest of the country• And so in employment for the imperialist master,This never hurts the upper shell, it is at the expense of ignorance of the lower slides, at the expense of its blood and its entire life, but it continues to serve, stuffed with irritability.Here, the existence and role of this trend in the Algerian fires can be touched across its lowest wings, the terrorist shining, whether ISIS or Al-Qaeda, which is without conquering the descendant of its predecessors in the Black Decimal Decimal, which is the product of the post-Boumediene, i.e. a product A generation of Algerian power that is contaminated with its interests, on the one hand, and the pollution of political religion and corruption on the other.If we recall, out of comparison, the Palestinian experience, the hatred of customers pushes them to fire the country without hesitation.

It came together in the Arab Spring / Autumn, as the counter revolution against the popular movement and at the same time the movement of autumn to destroy the main Arab crops in the Mashreq, especially its armies, as long as it is undermined, and self-undermined, of the Arab National Liberation Movement, undermined Systematic and undermined defeated, since 1967. defeatAt the peak of this fall, the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar was then when he attacked the Algerian Foreign Minister and threatened that Algeria’s role is coming. Qatar’s Foreign Minister would not have been so high if his mind wasn’t injected that Syria was on the trail of Iraq, Libya, and even Egypt Abdel Nasser, with the same serum injected Hamas leaders in Syria against Syria.

And this event pours again or again into the search for the anti-revolution under the skin.Algeria has surpassed the popular movement in the past two years after the removal of former President Bouteflika and his covenant of corruption covered by the achievement of taking Algeria out of the black decimal. But this transgression was a slap to the counter-revolution with its inner wing and its outer teacher.

Algeria’s diplomacy does not reach bargaining or the revolutionary approach does not amount to the level of confrontation but attack, but even this did not amount to the enemies who should have been moved. The Moroccan regime stabbed the announcement of the call to destroy the Algerian folk and soil unit. A call that does not go out of coordination with the counter revolution in general. Algeria’s position to give the entity an observer membership in the African Union may have accelerated the shooting in this country. Hence the official Moroccan finger is a Zionist nail and a French-American.

The AU’s stance was not amazing because it is an institution most of the peoples of its countries suffer from the corruption of rulers, poverty and consequence. But what is amazing is published about Algeria’s failure to object to the African Union’s admission to the entity as an observer in the newspaper ′′ Al-Quds Al-Arabi / This is dangerous as a newspaper of the counter revolution, we will write about it soon Algeria is a country where we have only consistency and credibility where there is a potential deviation of at least one million martyrs, and who, as Al-Taher wrote and flew: ′′ Martyrs return “.

In this context, Algeria’s mediation between Egypt and Ethiopia can be included as a role that threatens the enemies of the nation because the goal of the counter revolution is to continue the device against Egypt, not the regime, of course.This opens up to the regional dimension against the entire Arab world and against Algeria at the moment.Terrorism which has either been activated or married in Algeria is undoubtedly through Libya and under the supervision of the Turkish enemy. Turkey is the aggressive base against the nation from the northeast / European side, the Zionist entity in the middle and the Moroccan regime in the west and Ethiopia in the south of the south.

Here, coordination between the old neighboring nations and the enemy of the nation shows Turkey and Ethiopia, and the Kimbrador enemy of the nation in Morocco and at the heart of this aggressive formation is the Zionist entity.The counter revolution felt that any role of Algeria should be banned in the new Tunisian situation, because in this, there is a rescue of Tunisia and a strengthening of the role of Algeria, Morocco and even Eastern.

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This is confirmed by the counter revolution’s eagerness to destroy Syria in Mashreq, so why allow Algeria to endure and strengthen Morocco?Margin: The Palestinian National Council announced that it is against the entity’s observer membership in the African Union? Where is this council! And what can his president say to South Africa that refuses entity membership while it is a Palestinian council that recognizes entity as an actor not as an observer!In the picture an Algerian citizen trying to save his flock, does this understand the enemies of the nation who rule it  · See original  · 

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