ريف حلب.. الجيش يسيطر على  50% من مخيم حندرات ويقتل أهم متزعمي الإرهابيين

Handaraat and Handaraat Camp:  In a surprise assault conducted by SAA-SF, the Syrian Army established complete control over the Steel Factory and a major section of the camp giving the government control over 50% of the area all the way to the Al-Mallaah Farms.  All entryways into the area for resupply are now under artillery control.  Expect the rats to start leaving very soon.

Huraytaan:  Syrian Army continues to mop up remnant rats killing 6 of them yesterday.

Kafr Hamraa:  Continuing SAA aggressiveness here killed one of Nusra’s most important leaders as announced by their own rat media:

Raami Saffook

Greater Awraleem in the western countryside saw some fighting as the SAA continues to close pathways from Turkey.

Fighting also in Al-Baab with no details.

Thanks to the war criminal, Barack Obama and his confederates, this basement prison was used to house western hostages like Foley, Sotloff and Haines,  in Al-Shaykh Najjaar which was liberated by the SAA some months ago.  The SANA news reporter, Shaadi Hulwa, took the photos without knowing at the time that all the hostages, who were beheaded later, slept here in darkness and a state of semi-starvation.  Thank you Obama.  Your ISIS rats did this. 

Sameera Kayyaali, a founder of Al-Jazeera’s fake protests and a professional street walker, found dead in Huraytaan after being raped by her wonderful heroes in the Nusra organization.  

وحدة خاصة من الجيش السوري تداهم مقراً لإرهابيي داعش في دير الزور وتقتل عدداً منهم

DAYR EL-ZOR:  Say what you will about ISIS, but, you can’t take this away from them:  they just don’t have any social skills.  Yesterday at the villages of Subayhaan and Al-Duwayr, ISIS tried to arrest 23 women to use them as sex slaves.  That didn’t go ever very well with the locals who brought in the Shu’aytaat fighters (now allied with the SAA) and killed every ISIS rodent. The ISIS rats were all non-Syrian, mostly from Iraq and Turkey.

The City:  Specialized operations unit of the SAA assaulted the Pharmex Company Factory in the center of town in the Intilaaq Neighborhood and killed 11 rodents.  The operation was flawlessly executed.  All the rats inside were foreigners.

Al-Bu-‘Umar:  10 ISIS/Obama rodents killed here in fighting.

Fighting also in Al-Jafra and Al-Muree’iyya