Al-Zahar responds to Nazi “Bennett”: the prisoners versus the captured soldiers, and we reject blackmail

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Gaza- Kassem Al-Quds News : Mahmoud Al-Zahar, a member of the political bureau of Hamas, responded today, Thursday, to the Minister of the Nazi Occupation War, Nazi Naftali Bennett, in which he linked the release of the captured soldiers to the resistance to help the sector in the face of the Corona virus.

Al-Zahar said in exclusive statements to ” Quds News “: “The linking of the handing over of captured soldiers with Gaza’s assistance to confronting Corona is a cheap bargaining,” adding: “We reject extortion, and the release of the soldiers is subject to the release of all prisoners.”

Al-Zahar added: “What Naftali Bennett presented comes in the context of the political trade that occurs after the elections, and if his soldiers want him, he must release the prisoners and detainees without exception, then the resistance offers what it has and what it proposes is cheap and unacceptable blackmail.”

Regarding aid to the Gaza Strip, the leader commented enthusiastically, “The occupation has a duty to help the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, as it is an occupying power, and it must provide all health and medical supplies and is responsible to the world for the spread of the disease among the Palestinians.”

Al-Zahar held the Israeli occupation responsible for any infection that occurred among Palestinian prisoners in prisons with the Corona virus, calling on the Palestinian Authority to move internationally in this file through various channels to pressure the occupation.

In another context, the leadership considered enthusiastically that the government agencies in Gaza, according to the limited capabilities available to them, are successful in managing the crisis in an acceptable manner, despite the presence of some observations and limited complaints received by the Legislative Council in Gaza.

Al-Zahar added, “Its actions in Gaza are successful for the time being, especially since the injuries are limited to a specific scope and did not affect the public in general, and therefore the measures in the quarantine are acceptable despite the limited capabilities.” He pointed out that there are contacts with various parties to bring support to Gaza to confront the virus.

Regarding opening the Rafah crossing again, Al-Zahar commented: “There are many caveats in opening the Rafah crossing and there are large numbers on the Egyptian side, and we do not guarantee that the crossing will be opened among them, given the weak capabilities we have, perhaps after weeks the situation is better than Gaza.”

One thought on “Al-Zahar responds to Nazi “Bennett”: the prisoners versus the captured soldiers, and we reject blackmail

  1. Israeli PM Satanyahu and his War Minister are naive and stupid. Reason?

    Israel is currently holding the remains of not only two Palestinians but rather 263. In addition, Israel continues to hold 6,500 Palestinian political prisoners, among them 63 women, 520 children, 12 lawmakers, and 24 journalists, thus prolonging the suffering of many Palestinian families and denying other families from paying their respect and the chance for proper burial for their loved ones.

    Given the fact if the coronavirus should break in Israeli concentration camps, Gaza, the West Bank and the rest of occupied Palestine, it would be a disaster and they should be both held accountable for terrorism and war crimes.

    Those two Nazis should know, “it take two to tango.”

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