”Al-Qaida’ prepares for Israel-Iran war,” Drumming Up a War

August 23, 2010
by Michael Leon  

 More war drums pounding as new report says: Al-Shehri warns against “the greater state of Israel.” –
Looks like the neocons want war fast:


Al-Qaida is ready to exploit a war “by the Jews against Iran,” the Sunni group’s second-in-command in Yemen, Saeed al-Shehri, said in an audio message this month, according to the Daily Beast.

The mostly Shi’ite nation of Iran is an enemy to Al-Qaida, and al-Shehri predicted that after Israel attacked Iranian nuclear installations, Iran would blame Saudi Arabia – which reports say may let Israel fly through its airspace to attack Iran – and use the opportunity to seize the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Shehri said Israel would then seize territory from surrounding Arab nations to establish “the greater state of Israel,” and the Sunni Arab population of the Middle East would be trapped between the “Jews in the Middle East and Iran in the Peninsula,” the Daily Beast reported.

According to the Daily Beast, Al-Qaida would benefit from an Israel-Iran war because if Israel attacked Iran’s nuclear installations, Iran would use its proxies to lash back at Americans in the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The Daily Beast is a news aggregator and original content website owned by a former Wall Street Journal editor

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