Al-Qaeda leader's brother offers to mediate end to Sinai conflict

Mohamed El-Zawahiri, brother of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman El-Zawahiri, offers to mediate end to conflict between jihadists and Egyptian forces in Sinai Peninsula
Ahram Online
Al-Qaeda leader

Mohamed El-Zawahiri (Photo: Al-Ahram)
Mohamed El-Zawahiri, the former leader of Islamic Jihad and younger brother of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman El-Zawahiri, has said he is prepared to help mediate an end to the conflict between jihadists and the Egyptian military in the Sinai Peninsula.
El-Zawahiri added that he would require guarantees from the state that it would follow through on its promises to the jihadists.
He claimed the government still treated him as an unacceptable party despite the fact that he had offered to mediate an end to the conflict in Sinai, reported Al-Arabiya Net website Saturday.
El-Zawahiri added that his aim as a jihadist was to implement Islamic Sharia law.
He also stated that he did not believe in founding or joining political parties as “it is forbidden by Sharia,” and he would promote his belief via conferences, seminars and rallies.
Mohamed El-Zawahiri was among 59 jihadist prisoners released in March 2011. He was later rearrested and tried by a military court on various charges but acquitted in March 2012.

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