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hosts a meeting on:

“Chaos in Libya: Understanding Britain’s Intervention in Libya”

Friday 16th December 2011, 6.30.

 Room 1, Carr’s Lane Church, central Birmingham.


In March 2011, under the pretext of supporting the ‘Arab Spring’Britaintook the lead in demanding international intervention inLibya. No such calls were made when the people of Egypt and Tunisiarose up against their governments. As Britain intervened in Libya, it supported the Bahrain Royal dictatorship in repressing pro-democracy activists.

Against Imperialist Wars in Africa and Asia (AIWAA) will be hosting a meeting to discuss why Britain, not the United States, led the campaign to intervene in Libya and what this tells us about British foreign policy, past and present.

Joining us will be:

  • Harpal Brar (CPGB-ML)

  • Sukant Chandan

  • Dr. Abdalaziz Daw

Unlike many other so-called anti-war campaigners, each of our panelists vigorously opposed Britain’s latest intervention.

Indeed, Abdalaziz Daw is a native of Libya and has intimate accounts of those who were on the receiving end of NATO’s bombing campaign. Sukant Chandan twice visited and reported on Libya while the campaign was going on. Harpal Brar has been a long time campaigner against British imperialism, also visited Libya this year.

Against Imperialist Wars in Africa and Asia (AIWAA) is an independent, anti-Imperialist, anti-sectarian, ad-hoc group that aims to address the root issues that have justified British interventions historically and continue to do so in the present.

The capitalist system collapsed in 2008 and the British establishment, like other establishments around the Western world, bailed out its banks and allowed this system to survive. The Western and specifically British military interventions in Africa and Asia are designed and prosecuted to keep this literally, morally and financially bankrupt system afloat….

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