AIPAC Conference: Target Islamic Republic




Currently, the world is kept mesmerized by two con-men, Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu. Christian Obama, in his address at the State Department followed by his address at Israel Lobby’s (AIPAC) annual foreign policy conference, warned Israel-Firsters that Arabs are awakening and the time for thelegitimized existence of the Zionist entity is running out fast. However, stubborn Jewish Bibi has put a defying posture to Obama’s friendly advice.

Interestingly, both players have dubious pasts. While Barack Obama has ‘mysterious birth certificate’, Benjamin Netanyahu (aka Benjamin Nitai, John Jay Sullivan and John Jay Sullivan Jr.), a dual US-Israeli citizen, has a spooky identity.

In reality, behind the AIPAC conference limelight – the real issue at the conference, as reported by Jewish Tablet magazine (May 23, 2011), was to divert American lawmakers’ attention attending the conference to more important issues than the Obama-Bibi political charade. “And while all the external attention has been on the very public dialogue between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu about the terms of future peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, AIPAC’s internal message to the volunteers who will be fanning out across Capitol Hill is focused on another issue: The Iranian nuclear threat,” wrote Alison Hoffman in Tablet.

In order to counter the Iranian close relations with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Islamic Resistance/political groups, Hamas and Hizbullah – “The volunteers will leave armed with packets detailing three talking points, ranked in the following order: Support $3 billion in assistance to Israel to combat the threat from Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah; get on board the already-circulating sanctions-focused Iran Threat Reduction Act; and vote to suspend aid to the Palestinian Authority unless Iran-backed Hamas agrees to recognize Israel,” wrote Tablet.

David Gillette, AIPAC’s deputy director for policy and government affairs told Zionist delegates to push their congressional representatives to oppose both the unilateral Palestinian push for statehood and any peace talks that include “unreformed” members of Hamas. And what these ‘enlightened’ congressional representatives get in return for their pro-Israel lobbying, other than an all expenses paid trip to some of Tel Aviv’s 280 brothels – your guess is as good as mine.

American Jewish author and anti-war activist, Rolph Schoenman, had this to say on Obama’s latest hypocrisy: “The so-called two state solution, which he was urging is on a rush timetable because of the mobilizations in the Middle East, which are transforming the region. The country-selling regimes are under threat, and time is as the essence for Obama, because the demographics are underground by which he means that the Palestinian people are growing in number, therefore; the exclusively Jewish state is in jeopardy without the removal of Palestinian people from an arranged Israel which is a Jewish state alone“.

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