Zionist puppet Mu-Barak, age 82, is reported by intelligence sources to be afflicted with terminal cancer, leaving the future of Egypt uncertain.  The supposed array of successors include his son,  Mu-Barak intelligence chief Zionist Mossad agent Omar Suleiman, or former IAEA head Mohammed ElBaradei?  One question is whether the non-aggression pact with the Zio=Nazi regime of ‘Israel’ would be retained by his successor

The regime had denied the rumors of the illness.  “The President appeared well at his meetings, thanks to temporary medical effects”  (Arutz-7, 7/20/10).

Will puppet Mu-Barak make some dramatic move in his last year or two?  Will he abdicate in favor of a successor?  Will the Moslem Brotherhood gain power?  If they do, they would inherit a first class military paid for largely with $30 billion of U.S. taxes.

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