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Action Alert: BBC Bias continues as Palestinian murders ignored

* BBC Covers tragic Synagogue deaths in Jerusalem as headline news, and plays down Palestinian deaths.

* Write to the BBC and demand fair and balances reporting.

The BBC News online headline article today was ‘Bloody attack at Jerusalem synagogue’ featuring a report, analysis by a correspondent, a picture blog, and a live blog containing updates every few minutes.

Examples of the pictures used in the report and photo blog seemed to have been selected to bring out a strong emotive response amongst the audience. They included the bloodied prayer shawls of the victims, and images of what the BBC alleged were Palestinians celebrating the attack.

In contrast, recent reports on Palestinian victims of Israeli violence were muted:

* Palestinian bus driver, Hassan Yousef Al Ramouni, believed to have been lynched by Israeli settlers had not been mentioned at all by the BBC until the attack on the synagogue, where it was mentioned only in reference to a Hamas statement on the synagogue attack. AFP and major Israeli outlets reported Hassan’s death.

* On November 11th, the BBC reported the killing of 22-year-old Imad Jawabreh using quotation marks around ‘shot dead by Israeli army’ as if there was any conflicting report over who had shot Jawabreh.

By the fourth paragraph of the report, there was mention of attacks against an Israeli soldier and civilians in an attempt to contextualise the killing. By contrast, the article on the synagogue attack contains no reference to killings of Palestinians by Israelis.

Unlike the story on the synagogue attack, there is no live blog and no use of evocative imagery, instead a generic image of an Israeli jeep is used.

* The BBC only reported on the killing of Khayr al-Din Hamdan, shot dead by Israeli police while his back was turned once. The incident was caught on camera, but the BBC has not followed up on this clear example of police brutality.

Bring the BBC to account and question them over this bias reporting which conflates Israeli deaths while understating Palestinian deaths.

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