A statement issued by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lebanon

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

The spread of the COVID-19 virus in recent weeks has presented the countries of the region and the world with a new challenge. Meeting this global challenge requires regional and international cooperation. Any politicization or action that comes in the context of political or media increases will lead to more dire consequences for the people of the world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has started fighting this virus from the early days of its spread in the country, with all its strength, honesty and transparency, and using its own national capabilities and mobilizing all relevant bodies, and has been able to achieve this path, based on its capable infrastructure, health and treatment. , Tangible progress and it continues in this direction.

It is necessary for the countries of West Asia region in particular to work to strengthen bilateral and regional cooperation in the field of combating the Coronavirus, since no party will be able alone to overcome the challenges arising in this regard.

The concerned authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran have demonstrated, since the early days of the spread of the virus in Iran, the highest levels of cooperation with the relevant authorities in the Lebanese Ministry of Health, where they worked within the frameworks of the World Health Organization protocols to transfer Lebanese citizens residing in Iran to Lebanon.

Strict measures have also been taken at its airports to screen travelers on foreign flights, as some of the departures have been obligated to produce health statements, and therefore every effort has been made to control this disease and prevent its spread.

The unjust and inhumane sanctions imposed on the Iranian people, and the prevention of the sale of medicine, equipment and medical supplies to Iran, especially in light of these emergency conditions – these sanctions that are still ongoing, contrary to the allegations of the false American officials – are only manifestations of the economic and biological terrorism practiced by the American government. .

There is no doubt that such trends will hinder the efforts of all countries to combat this virus.

Finally, the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran reaffirms the need for a coordinated regional and international response to the Corona virus, declares its willingness, in the framework of bilateral efforts, to cooperate with the competent Lebanese authorities, in order to prepare and implement a health-treatment protocol to confront the Corona virus, based on the standards of the World Health Organization , Thus providing a firmer and more influential ground in meeting this global challenge.

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