A SHOCKING interview with a girl who had escaped from Tripoli prison


by Konstantyn Scheglikov

Here is an interview with a girl who had escaped from Tripoli prison. We want to thank translators from Arabic to English, our friends who corrected English translation to leave the text unchanged. They all are volunteers who works for justice, each of them have his/her own problems, own fight and  his/her own life..  We haven’t resources, people and opportunities as global media that lied about Libya and Libyan army protecting their land from invaders and traitors, but we’ll continue our work to counter the lies. Now global media and organizations are keeping silence about true scope of crimes committed by mercenaries and traitors under the NATO troops supervision and with their participation, we already know on an Afghanistan and Iraq example what those soldiers do with civilians. And we know that this is fascism, which has appeared again in western countries under democracy mask this time. Never mind that our forces are unequal, we’ll continue uncover unpleasant truth about crimes against humanity committed by NATO soldiers and their allies in occupied countries. Remember Abu-Greib, Guantanamo, Bagram base and Nazi concentration camps. Are there too many differences between them and camps created in Libya?

This interview was recorded in some chat room of Paltalk by Libyans, who are fighting against NATO of their own accord, they were in different countries, so each one asked almost the same questions to obtain and type an answer for himself. Some people didn’t believe all she said, we decided to leave this interview without changes, just correcting grammar and adding notes.This interview should be read from beginning to end, because the girl who answered the questions, remembered new details of tortures, detention conditions, etc. Read this interview and find out methods of global media representatives who sought the necessary confessions from the Libyans, especially girls and women. Many suspected that all the evidence and interviews, in which the Libyans slander against themself and against the Libyan Army and the Gaddafi family were made after torture and threats of a more brutal torture, this interview confirms this version.

 This interview, evidence of the involvement of global media journalists in the tortures and abuse of civilians and volunteers, in order to legitimize Libya destruction and Gaddafi family demonization. This is the evidence of participation of representatives of Western countries global media intelligence services and NATO soldiers and officers in war crimes prohibited by international conventions against the citizens of Libya.
We left the interview live, did not embellish the words and actions make this interview people. The girl who escaped from prison and whose name was not disclosed in this interview for her safety, we have named  “Girl”, people who ask her questions and talk with her we called “Interviewer”. This girl was captured August 20, 2011 in Tripoli, in late of November or early of December 2011 she managed to escape. In March, 2012 she found the strength to tell the truth to the world:

Girl: I was one of the Libyan women and girls who volunteered for the People’s Guard, to protect our country from NATO and the NTC (Rats).  I was captured and was a imprisoned by the Rats for three months . They tortured me during this period of time, using electrical appliances and in other ways.  (“…They would put us inside some fridge trucks, that were generally used as cold rooms, or as mortuaries. They often used electric shocks on people, using a ‘shocker’, or home-made electric chairs and bare electrical wires connected to the grid; also they scalded people with hot water and sat them for long periods under freezing air outlets. They raped us and used all kinds of brutality and 

There were other girls with me who were also captured and tortured by NTC- gangs. These Rats brought in some journalists and  they ( members of the foreign media) were ordering us to say what they wanted to hear from  us.  We were forced  to say what they wanted or we were going to be tortured and the journalists were threatening us, to get the story they wanted. These events involved both Misrata and Tripoli  Rat-brigades .
We were in Tripoli on the 20th of August and I was in a building there, in Abo Sleem neighborhood, where I was captured with a group of females . When they captured me they hit me with ( don’t  want to  tell, they must have hit her with back of the gun)…. Some of the group of girls were taken away and the rest were charged by the local NTC-gangs with the crime of murder – for defending our Country from attack.
… Yes, I did belong to the People’s Guard, but when they captured me I was unarmed and yet they put me before the Press and media as a ‘confessed criminal’. They also took me to hospital in Maitiga (big military base and airport in Tripoly, which rats changed to  concentration  camp and place for  tortures), where they forced me to say what they wanted, to make a confession about my ‘crimes’. I gave them what that they wanted from me, but I did it under torture, the influence of drugs they gave me and the threat of further harm.

Concerning the press, it was at first the Italian media and later they brought me to a woman from the UAE media,  who interrogated me.  In the hospital, my jailers also took me to a foreign psychiatrist called Cristina, who continuously drugged me and my memory is not clear about what happened. I know that they had a statement all prepared for me and forced me to say what they wanted . They insisted that I claim Mr Mansour Daw had raped me. (Mansour Daw is old man about 70 years, we watched a video there of NTC-rats kicking him) In truth neither this man nor anyone from Al Gaddafi forces raped or assaulted me, but the NTC-guards forced me to say it .

Then they wrote about me on the internet and Google – it was everywhere, the lies which they forced me to say.  As a further psychological  pressure,  they kept saying that we are sick with something called Muammar Al Gaddafi, but such idiots do not know how much we love him. Sometimes, trying to resist under the intensity of torture, we kept our spirits up by singing and shouting some Green slogans and songs, until in the morning they would come to continue their torture, that lasts from 2nd hour of night till 6 hour of morning.
We were under electricity ( torture  by electroshocker) , boiled water ( they scalded people)and freezy air from  conditioner ( and  raping)…  They jailed us in Al Jdaida ( prison in Tripoli) and in a headquarter in Maitiga (big military base and airport in Tripoly) and there were people from UAE in addition to many foreign journalists …  In one day about 10 to 15 of them  (journalists) came into my cell…( they forced her to tell lies).

Body showing the signs of torture

Concerning the way they treated me, are still treating many imprisoned Libyan patriots,.. of course they are Rats and traitors to Libya. Such creatures do not have any higher feelings or real understanding or beliefs . As Jailers, their concern and human involvement with us was zero, but when the Press came around, they pretended that they are treating us very well.

Interviewer: There has been a picture showing a girl as they said jumped from either the second or the third floor because she tried to commit suicide . Is that you that girl ?
Girl: Yes it was me…..yes of course.
Interviewer: And what about the girls who were with you?
Girl:  We were a group of 30 girls (Libyan) who were captured . There were another 30 girls but not Libyan. They are foreigners and they put them in another place. They were taking us from a one place to another place. And last time when they took us (to another place), they said that a group from Zintan were coming to kill us or something like that.  First they took us to Al Saidy Boulevard and then to Maitiga (big military base and airport in Tripoly, which rats changed to  concentration  camp and place for  tortures ) where it was our last place.
Interviewer: Who were Your  jailers (executors)?
Girl: There were Qatari and Misrati people, but Zintani were most . And when they captured me they killed about 15 soldiers belonging to Khamis brigade.They killed those kids (young men)  in front of me and they also killed some women who were next to me.

Interviewer: Some guys here ( in Paltalk chat) are inquiring about the psychiatrist who visited you . Was she arab or foreigner?
Girl: Foreigner from Italy her name is Cristina … they were trying to brainwashed me by giving me pills, why I do not know ( she can’t to remember all details)
A questioner: So what where you guilty of? (So what crime they tried to blame You with)? Did they catch You with… Did they captured your group holding weapons?
Girl: Aah, none of us were holding weapons except one guy whom they killed after that.  After that they started telling us why were we protecting our leader, and why  we were standing at the gates and fighting . And they asked us what Muammar did to us, so we could fight for him, we told them this was because of our patriotism, but their ears were shut (Ears of rats closed to such words as patriotism, and other words).
A new interviewer: Salam Aalykom, I  want just to ask you about thepsychiatrist’s nationality. Because some guys who also escaped, told me that a woman called Cristina Julian, who were interrogate with them, that her nationality is from Romania, in which there is a big warrant against her and I want just to make sure whether this is the same woman or not. Because I have a correspondence with that country …
Girl: Absolutely not. She is Italian, she coming to me, by bringing me the shameful flag of rats. And I tore it and kept the green part with me. Then after ( after short time the Girl tore the flag of rats) I was tortured in that clinic ( Maitiga hospital) and I was given some needles ( they tortured her by needles, the most sensitive areas of the body pierced with needles, or tuck needless, for example some torture – tuck the needles under the fingernails) . And the worst things they did of torturing me, was next – they brought a Gaddafi man ( volunteer of people guard)… whom I knew very much … They brought a gas stove, on which they put a casserole of water on that stove, till water got boiled and after this they cooked that man in front of me and others girls ( they brought alive man and put him to this casserole in front of girls) . (during this execution) They where threatening us that we would have the same fate 
if we did not speak ( what they wanted to hear members of global media or other customers).

A new interviewer: Yes, ok, ok thank you
Another  interviewer: I want just ask you a question: except the Libyan, were there others ( non Libyan) who  made  interrogations with you ?

Girl: Yes there were other than Libyan made  interrogations (tortures) with us in addition to people from Zintan who were most.
A interviewer: Were they keeping  same interrogators, or they brought new faces except the Libyan, of course?
Girl: Yes, there were foreigners in apart from Libyan. Yes, and more than one time . For me they were bringing  Press (members of global  media) about 15 times a day or more.  They were forcing us ….aah ( don’t want to remember).

A new interviewer: I want to ask our sister… You told us you are actually in Tunisia, in which a conference of Human Rights committee will take place. So what is your opinion about going to that conference and tell you story of torturing you by rats?
Girl: There is no problem.
Interviewer: Thank you because your presence is so important . Besides, there is something is that moments later, a Tunisian journalist responsible of media committee coordination will get to this interview. So, I want from the admin (admin of this chatroom in Paltalk, which is a record of this conversation –  interview), there was made this  chat  to call me, when he comes.
Another interviewer: First I want to congratulate the girl for taking her freedom from the bastards and rats. And I want just to know the story of some of your friends. And concerning the conference which will be held in Tunisia, you should not go to it. Because rats from Libya are everywhere in Tunisia, except the city of Mednin and some southern areas where there are few free Libyans ( supporters  of  Green Resistance).  So we must not risk her life, after what she went through to get her freedom. Instead we should record her speech… Translate it and distribute it worldwide . And ( to the girl) please tell us if there are more cases and tragedies. That is all, thanks.
Interviewer:  What is your name?
Girl: Abumenyar Knight (Abumenyar is Gaddafi name,  She uses this nickname in honour of Muammar Gaddafi), I worked as a volunteer in the people guards.
Interviewer: When did they exactly capture you?

Girl: The 20th of August, exactly the day of Tripoli’s fall.

Interviewer: Yes, the day of Tripoli’s occupation, ok. When they captured you by which name and by which direction? Did they presented themselves when they got you, that you work with the state and that you represent law?
Girl: They captured us with some of Khamis brigade guys.

Interviewer: You mean the 32nd’s brigade?
Girl: Yes, the 32nd’s brigade and they were about 16 guys, who were shot in front of my eyes.

Interviewer: On the same day?
Girl: Yes, on the same day,  they also killed even some girls.

Interviewer: How many were they?
Girl: They were so many and I do not remember.
Interviewer: Did they kill them in the same place, where they captured them?
Girl: Yes, it was  so
Interviewer: Were there any foreigners with those, who captured you?

Girl: Yes, there were foreigners and some Libyans who lived abroad, were among those gangs

Interviewer: Which languages and dialects did they speak ?
Girl: They spoke  Qatari, Italian and other languages.

Interviewer:  And those, who participated in the execution of the free Libyans, were Libyans  only or foreigners?
Girl: Both ( Libyan and foreigners).
Interviewer: And of course they made you watch that scenes (executions and tortures) to feel afraid and tell them what they want?
Girl: Yes, that is true
Interviewer: Were they threatening you that you would face with the same fate, if you did not speak ( that they  wanted to hear)?

Girl: Yes, and they were bringing some people and they were torturing them in front of our eyes . (During executions or tortures of people) they where threatening us, if we do not say what they wanted for their TV channels, our fates would be the same, as those people. And we did what they wanted… (girls told fake stories for the global media members)

Interviewer: What did they do with the corpses of dead people?

Girl: Were buried in mass graves in front of our eyes

Interviewer: What are the methods of torture used with you?
Girl: Torture usually happened in the early hours of the morning – from 2nd hour of night till 6 hour of morning. They would put us inside some fridge trucks, that were generally used as cold rooms, or as mortuaries. They often usedelectric shocks on people, using a ‘shocker’, or home-made electric chairsand bare electrical wires connected to the grid; also they scalded people with hot water and sat them for long periods under freezing air outlets.They raped us and used all kinds of brutality and humiliation (They would torture people everyday, to break their morale, to deprive them of hope and to get them to say what their customers from the global media wanted. In addition, after torturing someone for days, they would threaten to kill them and say that no one is going to save them – that they are nothing, lost and alone.Eventually, after suffering this treatment, people cease to perceive reality correctly and they no longer attempt to resist. They become indifferent to what happens to them and will do whatever they are told. The individual become like dolls, from which the torturers can create anything. Western intelligence agencies have adopted the techniques of the Nazi third Reich and other brutal torturers and developed them. They have been applying this savagery against Free people all around the world and currently Libya is the victim. This girl is lucky, she managed to escape– but not before being brutalized, like untold other, by people acting under the protection of the US Empire)
Another interviewer: Are all the tortuers  of Libyan nationality or were there foreigners among them?
Girl: Both, Libyans & foreigners were inside the prisons, also there were people from Benghazi were raping women ( in addition to others, whom she mentioted before).
Interviewer: All of women ( and girls) where tortured together on the same place?
Girl: Yes, in the same place & the foreigners raped other women in front of me. ( and they raped her in front of  other girls and women)
Interviewer:  Do you know the place where they have kept the bodies? ( before burying them in mass graves)?
Girl: They were putting them in fridges.

Interviewer: Did the same people always carry out torture, or did they change around?
Girl: They changed, some times from Zintan, some times from Benghazi, some times  Foreigners, there was woman from United Arab Emirates came to Maitiga in addition to that Cristina

Interviewer: What did that woman tell you from United Arab Emirates, how did she introduce herself for you?

Girl: She presented herself as a journalist and she did write about me on the web. And as the others “journalists” from global media, she forced me ( and others) to SAY that the Libyan army raped us, but they didn’t do that! (She wrote that girls and women were forced to say under torture and threat and pretended it was true, although she saw the condition, as prisoners and she saw who raped them really. She as others members of global media and global funds was customers of tortures and such “truth”.)
Interviewer: Who? who did what? ( rapes)?
Girl: It was the RATS (NTC gangsters of Al-Qaeda, NATO soldiers, local traitors) who raped us, NOT the Libyan army.

Interviewer: What is the citizenship of the Rapists?

Girl: Foreigners – Americans, Qatari and BEFORE they RAPED US, they Threaten us and force us 
to tell lies (tell lies in front of the camera of global media).

Interviewer: Were all interrogations, torture and Executions recorded, or noted in writing?

Girl: Both, sometime they recorded all, sometimes not. They lied about me even on the web. (They shared her words on the web and those of other women held in prison. “Confessions” and lies, that were extracted under torture to legitimize the destruction of Libya and the hunt for members of the family of Muammar Qaddafi)

Interviewer: Is the investigation was a collective or unilateral, was there room of torture and interrogations, where the one interrogated (tortured) you, as he or she wanted?
Did you get the question?
Girl: …

Interviewer: Sorry, you might have dropped the microphone, that is why we did not hear your answer.
Girl: Please repeat the question
Interviewer: Were they interrogated you in-group or individually? Were they bringing a camera with?
Girl:  No, they were bringing us all, making each one of us face the other.In addition, they started beating us all. They were telling me, ‘your friend told us that you killed someone and did this and that’ .
There were many times, when they brought a friend of mine and made her face me. But none of us spoke against the other… (so they would continue the tortures)
Interviewer: Did you identify any of the interrogator’s persons ? Where they were from, any information about anyone involved ?
Girl: No I did not, they were covering their faces with that rats flag.

Interviewer: Ok, concerning the girls (women) who were tortured or executed. Do you know anyone of them?
Girl:  No, I did not; we were a large group…( seems she doesn’t want to tell their names, or can’t to remember  really, because interrogators use special pills)
Interviewer: If you do not know any, can you tell us about the number?
Girl: I told you the number was so big, so I could not count it. They were raping even the guys…( It seems perverse rape were the most common torture and captured people seem have been using as sexual slaves for these monsters, enough to remember Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, to understand the terror that reigns in Libya, about which this girl hasn’t the power to say or hasn’t the wish to remember)

Interviewer: The number was from what to what?
Girl: Too much, too much. I can’t tell you how many (She does not remember the exact numbers, but does not want to lie, we have information from other sources that in prisons and  concentration camps dozens of thousands of them)
Interviewer: You said that you were taken to a psychiatrist. Was this only for you, or was it for the whole group?
Girl: They brought her to us, the girls.
Interviewer: What is her nationality, was she speaking Arabic?
Girl: She was Italian and she was speaking a little Arabic.

Interviewer: What is her name?
Girl: Cristina, Cristina.

Interviewer: Were the interrogations (tortures) daily, or on some days only?

Girl: It was daily, I was there for three months and it was daily. Each day they take you out and bring someone to interrogate (torture) you.
Interviewer: Were you kept in one prison or moved around ? After you were captured in Abo Sleem, where did they take you?
Girl: I was moved around  ( moved around in rats prisons in Abo sleem, Alzawia st, Maitiga, and others)
Interviewer: Where did they execute the free men and woman and were bringing that psychologist to you?

Girl: On Maitiga hospital & Aljdaida prison also, & on another area it is …… (Silent as she tries to remember the place!)
Another interviewer & witness of Girl talking:

I knew her very well & on the day of the fake “fall of Bab Alazazizia” district(The residence of the leader and his family +Command headquarters and departments of Tripoli). At times, when some men were sitting at home, she was guarding the road with her weapon to make sure that everything is fine & safe. She was also involved in guarding Gargorr district (district of Tripoli) patrolling by herself at 3.00 am.
I am not her good friend, but I knew her name, I knew her house and a little about her family. We would just greet each other by saying “Hello” only. She knows me as the girl who came up to the Misrata frontline( In May of 2011). I cannot tell your her name, to keep her and her family safe.
To the people who complained that her words are not well organized & that she doesn’t know how to talk, I say don’t challenge her or any of the Free Honor women like her. Some men have said: “first, she has psychological damage; she was in prison, but we don’t know if she was raped or not”. How dare they question her ?
This woman was brutalized in rat’s prisons in Abo Sleem, Alzawia st, Maitiga, and others. She was captured whilst defending her country.
In PALTALK room (chat room) are the same commentaries and when I saw them, I was crying, because we are Libyan Girls, who sacrificed more than these men, who now dispute her words.
You doubt her words and say that she created or imagined events – but I can confirm that she was a prisoner, a human being under pressure and torture for over of seven months. I say to you Men – can’t You imagine what she has been through and how that would affect her; how hard it is talk about it with strangers. She survived and has tried to talk & You have no right to talk like that about her!
I knew her very well she was doing her patrols on Tripoli, especially the Airport way (it’s big street in Bab Alazazizia), she was one of the People’s Guard & she is young, not even 20 years old, so don’t talk about her like this. She did it for Libya, when many men didn’t do, when the Rats got into Tripoli – they were hiding in their houses.
I saw her that night standing her Patrol, when I was with Mr. Saif Al Islam (then he showed the media that he is free). I was the only girl between men in Saif Al Islam’s guard group.
I saw her with some guys going to walk to Gargorr (district of Tripoli)  to make sure that everything under control at 03.00am. Thank you dear & I will look out for you. She is a warrior, you know Guys.
Girl: Thanks
Another interviewer: thanks to you dear & thank GOD you are fine. I knew that the day when the battle was in BAB AL AZIZEA in front of AIRPORTWAY..
Girl: Yeah, yes…
An interviewer: You where there with the group of guys keeping the area safe and that was the last time I saw you…
Ok I just want to ask you one thing, forget about all the people who are with us on the Paltalk room, forget about them, I want you to tell us the events of that day (end of August, when Tripoli fell), because I was hurt at 05.00 am that day & I was dragged from the site. I didn’t know anything about what happened to you & the other girls after that last moment I saw you.
I saw one section on the Youtube on one of the foreigner channels. They covered your face, but I was able to recognize you, so, please tell me the events after you were apprehended, with the rest of the girls group. You all moved to Abu Sleem & the rats caught you there. Tell me the entire story, where did the rats take you? What did they to you? Who tortured you, men, or women? Did they hit you or not, did they rape you or not? Tell me all what happened with you? Please slowly and if you guys have any questions for her then I will ask them for you.
Dear don’t care about anything, just tell me what happened. I knew that you were in Abo Sleem (district of Tripoli) because I was there also, so tell me please your story, take your time, remember well and tell me.
Girl: What happened… when we went to Abo Sleem with the Thunderbolt group and the some girls, the little girl from Misrata who was born in 1992, she was with us, and she was hurt…
Interviewer: Yes, I know her and saw her, when she was shot in both of her legs
Girl: We stayed in Abo Sleem there for two days and then they caught us…
An interviewer: Where did they catch you exactly?
Girl: They caught us on Abo Sleem (district of Tripoli).
Interviewer: Thank God, for your safety now, so tell me who caught you?
Girl: They said that: “We are rebels of Misrata & Tripoli!”
Interviewer: Ok, their group… did you know how they (rats) called themselves?
Girl: No, no I didn’t.
Interviewer: Ok, you can continue, never mind.
Girl: They caught us & took us to the Al Jdedah prisons & we were with the Thunderbolt group, they kill many of them in front of us!
After that, they took us & killed one girl her name is Kholaa, you knew her very well
Interviewer: Yes, I knew her, so they killed her also.
Girl: Yes they did
Interviewer: May ALLAH bless her soul.
Girl: After that they executed part of us, they left us in Al Jdedah prison for while and kept us under torture – electricity tortures.
Interviewer: Ok tell me how they tortured you by electricity & what else they did. Who were your executors was a women with them during the interrogations (tortures) ?
Girl: They tortured us by electricity…
They were men & women from Souq Al  Jouman (district in Tripoli, source of “rats”), Misrata, Bengazy, Zintan and foreigners, one woman from United Arab Emirates.
Interviewer: Concerning your interrogation at the hands of the NTC: did they have any written work and papers for you to sign or were the interrogations all verbal ?
Girl: Only speech, they were forcing us to say that Al Gaddafi forces had raped us. They told us, that if we refused they are going to torture us very brutally, but if we said what they wanted, they will kill us easy.
( Rats and NATO don’t want leave documents or witnesses, they do not repeat the mistakes of their teachers- the Nazis of 3rd Reich)
Interviewer: Please, tell us what you, personally experienced, at the hands of the NTC.
Girl: They tortured me by using electricity. These sessions always happened between 2 am and 6 and they would strap me into the special ‘electric chair’ for this. They also tortured me using very hot water (scalded her) and  would place me under the air conditioner ( frosty air). A girl named Fatin, whose both legs were shot, they would bring her in and torture her in front of me.
Interviewer: Did you see any other prisoners being tortured ?
Girl: Yes, many times they were raping other Libyan girls in front of us and sometimes they would bring  foreigners to rape.
(I think that these foreigners enjoy this “work” of raping of Libyan girls and women. It is documented that they even rape men and boys, in Iraq & Afghanistan …the foreigners seem to enjoy their ‘work’ in these concentrations camps-prisons).
Interviewer: Tell me …oooh sorry, I was almost saying your name. Ok, tell me,who told you to say that Mansor Daw was raping you? Even though we (every Libyan) know how honorable Al Haj Mansor (Mansor Dow) is.
Girl: Yes, It was a girl from Souk Al Jumaa (district in Tripoly, source of rats), she told us that we had to accuse Mansor Daw, or suffer torture.
Interviewer: Do you know her name?
Girl: No, I know her face only, because she was coming to us many times.
Interviewer: Did you remember any name of those, who interrogated and tortured You, just a glimpse?
Girl: One was named Najib Al Misrati, this one among those who were capturing us in Al Jdaida (prison in Tripoli) . And concerning those who interrogated us there, there was one who came from abroad, namedMuhammed Al Werfalli, who claimed that he is from city of Bani Walid, but in fact he was not from Bani Walid.
Interviewer: Yes, we heard that you were in Maitiga (big military base and airport in Tripoly, which rats changed to  concentration  camp and place for  tortures) and I sent a girl to you there, but I do not want to say her name, I’ll talk to you about her personally . Now tell me, how could you escape? Did they arranged your escaping from hospital or what, without giving away any names?
Girl: It was due to a doctor. She told them, that I was sick and that my psychological state was too bad. And there was a man called Muhammed Al Bashir Al Werfalli, yes, this the one who signed on my going out, but only after a very big struggle.
Interviewer: Anyway, congratulations to you.
Girl: Thanks and ALLAH bless you.
Interviewer: Ok, do you have any idea about what is the fate of the other girls?
Girl: A group were released after some time, but another group of us – Libyan women and girls, remained prisoners, because we were accused of the crime of fighting against the NTC- rats. They were charging us with murder, because we fought for Libya.
(this is equivalent to the Nazi complaints that local people attacked them, defending their own Homeland).
When I got out, on the report from the doctor, one Rat called Seddig Al Turki, from Souk Al Jumaa ( district in Tripoly) sent out a warrant against me.
Interviewer: Yes, the one who belongs to Souk Al Jumaa military council, but about what the warrant?
Girl: It says that I must be captured or killed for my crimes, something like that. And a girl belonging to the Revolutionary Guards is also a prisoner with them. They did not want to release her and they charged her with a murder crime and they were bringing different groups along to the prison, to accuse her of different crimes.
Interviewer: Ok, now that we’ll take your testimony to the Human Rights organization and we want the world to know, what happened to you and to the other prisoners of the NTC-gangs. We want you to speak freely and do not be shy, we are all your brothers. We want you to say, what the rats did to the free Lbyan women under their control. Even though it is painful, I know you understand, that these facts will help the Green Resistance so much, OK ?
A new Interviewer: Do not be shy my daughter, just speak …
Another Interviewer: My sister, my sister do you hear me?
Interviewer: Yes, I hear you .
Another Interviewer: We were also jailed with her, and there was worse things that she can not tell in public chat . So discuss these things later between ourselves girls in private, got it.
Interviewer: Ok, I will agree with the admin, take her to the private chat and then record her speech. I just want to say that what is getting on my nerves is that the prostitute Eman Al Obeydi was lying and crying and exposing herself to the public, slandering our honorable army, but the whole word rised and stood with her. Then she was exposed as a fraud – and was taken to the US under Hillary Clinton’s personal authority – a reward for her treason and to keep her from justice. (In end of March 2011, a unique person from Libya – prostitute, named Eman Al Obeidy (she was well known prostitute in Tripoli ) came to Rixos hotel and told to the foreign journalists, who were waiting for her as it seems, that she was raped by group of soldiers from Libyan army. Her appearance was final action, for spring 2011, of Western propaganda machine, which tried to demonize Libyan army and all people who fighted against NATO and it’s servants. Real muslim girl or woman never show’s her face during a discussion such as rape.)
I want this real, brave and loyal Libyan girl to tell her true experiences of a horror, that Al Obeydi only pretended – and for her to be heard by the world, too.
Not to expose her body, but just to say what happened to her in details – which can reach the World:- what happened to our witness, has also happened to many Libyan women and girls I know, and who have escaped from Libya, because they cannot be safe there..
Another Interviewer: Yes, this was not the only one girl, there were many number girls (and women, men) and many are now inside rats jails.
Interviewer: Yes, I know them one by one . I want her to speak to rise the sleeping souls, who still do not believe what is happening with our women, and I want to make the world rise against these rats.
Another Interviewer: Ok, we, men are gonna get out from this room to leave her speak more freely, ok.
Interviewer: Ok and anyone who want to ask her about something, send it as a text . I know her and I want to speak to her about the story of tortures and I know that some forms of torture (most likely due to the perverted sexual violence, which is not to say in a Muslim society) she didn’t tell. But I would like that she tells us about it. What concerns me, they can not catch me, or even touch a deadlock from my hair. But I know some girls, my friends and the same stories they told me, and we know exactly what is happening in our country, that is why I want her to speak freely so that the world can hear a tale from a honorable girl, so dear, you may continue .
Girl: I still have a video (she mean  a video in her  telephone) of a green soldier called Lotfi Zbida, how they killed and burned him in front of me .
Interviewer: I want you to speak about the girls, because the guys were sent to death squad for execution, just to wake people up what did they do to you? They fed you & let you sleep?
Girl: Everytime we were exposed to curse and rats bad words saying bad words to us and asked where is Gaddafi to make You free ( They tortured victims and asked time to time: “There is Gaddafi, why he don’t save You. No one come to save You, so you must do that we want, if You want to stop tortures, or receive easy death.” These ways they tried to break our power of spirit and force to us to do anything). And they were raping girls, torturing them with boiled water.
Sometimes they were talking through their mobile phones, saying that they are next to Gaddafi’s mercernaries (Rats staged a simulation of negotiations between themself and their commanders and told the girls that they are following the executions, which they were carrying out – of men and women suspected of involvement in the Resistance (the Libyan Army)). Some girls tried to commit suicide in Al Jdaida prison and there were many other worse things that happened, many terrible things happening in NTC-prisons.
Interviewer: Anyway, thank to ALLAH for your safety once again .
Girl: Thank you sister, thank you .
This is interview, translation of which  You read:
These are examples of victims of such tortures and threats, as this “Girl” , who was used by global media for their dirty work 
Please, spread this interview as much as possible. People of all countries need to know the price of confessions that were made by representatives of the global media, or members of the NTC and the examples of which we have placed below. This girl is one of many who were captured and subjected to perverted torture, sexual violence and humiliation, and in fear of a cruel torture, did what they demanded from him/her the so-called civilized Europeans and their allies. There are crimes that the girl did not want to tell us about,but they were made by local occupiers and traitors – cutting off the breasts of live women, girls, young girls, in front of other relatives, after a perverted rape. This is tearing their heart from the chest of a living person, it is quartered Libyans and cutting the heads of living people. For all this they received payment, there was a fee, and for cutting off body parts of a living person paying more than for the same action from the dead. Evidence from captured mercenaries of these crimes were distributed by us on the web. [See Rebels crimes and NTC no Control]
Sexual violence, lynching, torture and humiliation at the outset were the invaders arms in Libya, drugs and Viagra for that supplied the U.S., using mediators from Qatar. Susan Rice and other U.S. and Western countries knew about it. It began in February 2011, when residents of the eastern provinces of Libya were subjected to humiliation, including sexual and under pain of death, participated in photo shoots for the global media, as the participants of rallies under the banner of the former monarchy, to give them mass. Many people who did not support the invasion of NATO, went missing in eastern Libya in the spring of 2011.
Global funds and non-governmental organizations, global media, accused the Libyan army and Gaddafi family members, crimes that are committed by NATO and its allies. And NATO allies under the pretext of protecting the population of Libya have destroyed this country, killing about a hundred thousand inhabitants.
Representatives of all non-Western foundations and organizations, the global media had witnessed torture and ill-treatment by the TNC mercenaries and soldiers of NATO against the Libyans, but they turned a blind eye to it because they think inhabitants of Libya, especially blacks, residents of an undemocratic uncivilized country, subhumans, and thus deprived of all rights. MSF treated several months of people being tortured by mercenaries TNC and NATO, I do not think they are so stupid that it is not understood at once. Only when the owners gave the agreement them to talk, they talk, and before that they were silent, and were treated by order of  NATO. The Red Cross supplied the weapons  to mercenaries TNC and treated them. Each international organization established in the West is complicit in crimes against humanity committed and continue to take place in Libya.

Prepared for publishing by Libya S.O.S.

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  1. “Girl: I still have a video (she mean a video in her telephone) of a green soldier called Lotfi Zbida, how they killed and burned him in front of me .”

    She very brave and clever to hide her mobble phone and use it to film atrocities of rats when she a prisoner. Good thing they not notice her.

    Please make her film available so world can know.

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