A night of atrocities for Palestinian prisoners


Talking about Israeli atrocities is no longer news, but we want to tell you about the violence suffered byPalestinian prisoners on the night of March 24th in the Israeli Ketziot prison in Al-Naqab . As often happens, the atrocities of the Israeli regime little or nothing is reported by the official media.


Out of the eyes of the media, a hundred Palestinian prisoners, tied with hands and feet with plastic handcuffs, were thrown to the ground, beaten with sticks and hit with Taser guns. The following morning, the plastic cuffs were replaced with steel ones, and were chained to each other in pairs. The prisoners remained like this for a day and a half, in the cold, without water, without food, without toilets. Most were injured, some were bleeding. The rain that fell on them mixed with the blood that flowed from their wounds. They were injured when the special forces of the Israeli prison service, the border police and regular police forces – totaling around 300 guards – invaded the A-4 wing. Dozens of prisoners were injured,

Tensions in Ketziot prison   began with the announcement of the installation of disturbance devices on February 18, in the A-4 wing, where more than 110 Palestinian prisoners are housed in six tents. At the time there were three or four cell phones smuggled into the wing, and inmates used them in rotation: a prisoner could make a 15-minute call every three days.

The prison guards informed the detainees about blocking devices, confirming that the decision was taken by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, as a demonstration of their toughness with Hamas detainees The prison management announced that research would be carried out in the A-4 wing and that inmates would be transferred elsewhere. Initially, the Israeli military claimed that the intervention would last only two hours. Then they said it was for the night, but in the end the inmates were ordered to take their equipment because they would be transferred to the A-3 wing.

The entire transfer procedure was accompanied by members of the IPS and police special forces who suddenly broke into the cells. About 300 of them were deployed against the detainees, many of them in the A-3 wing, some in A-4. Not a prisoner escaped the indiscriminate blows of the military. About 340 Taser shots were fired at Palestinian prisoners and about twenty dogs took part in the operation to suppress the prisoners. The brutal violence of the Israeli military has been going on for at least four hours.

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