A Letter from Daniel McGowan (DYR) to Abraham Foxman (ADL)
October 20, 2010

  • October 19, 2010

Mr. Abraham Foxman 
Dear Mr. Foxman:
We were quite disappointed to have not qualified for your so-called Top Ten Anti-Israel Groups in America
Surely our annual commemorations since 1995 of the Deir Yassin massacre by Jewish terrorists on April 9, 1948 should have warranted inclusion in your top ten.  Some of our commemorations have even taken place at Deir Yassin in clear sight of the Children’s Museum at Yad Vashem.  You may like to review footage of one of them at http://video.google.com
While for you that should have been outrageous enough, our books, websites, lectures, vigils, and especially our scholarship program should surely have brought us into your top-ten.  Perhaps you have seen our newest video?  No need to buy a copy; you may view it for free at http://vimeo.com/15528714
And need I remind you of our website honoring Jews (and former Jews) who believe in one state with equal rights of citizenship for all?  RighteousJews.org is growing as more and more people see that in spite of all the lives and money lost in the name of Zionism, Israel today is no more a Jewish state than was South Africa a White state under its apartheid regime.
We note that your list also ignores the persistent, indomitable work of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends in Ann Arbor Michigan.  This group of mainly Jews has led weekly vigils in front of the local synagogue for over 7 seven years to protest the criminality of Zionism and the distortion of prophetic Judaism that organizations like yours foment endlessly.  
 Kindly notice that our Board consists of Jews and non-Jews.  We are neither anti-Semitic nor self-hating, but we do oppose Jewish supremacy and we support human rights for all people living in Israel/Palestine.
Daniel McGowan
Executive Director

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