A Jew Rejects Talmud's Duplicity



“I was raised as a Jew and I harbor no malice to the Jewish people. I feel obligated to tell this personal story. I believe that we will be accountable to the God in Heaven for our actions in this life and on this world.” Rich S

Unfortunately, due to the abysmal ignorance of our day, the widespread “Judeo-Christian” notion is that the Old Testament is the supreme book of Judaism. But this is not so. The Pharisees teach for doctrine the commandments of rabbis, not God.

The Talmudic commentary on the Bible is their supreme law, and not the Bible itself. That commentary does indeed, as Jesus said, void the laws of God, not uphold them. As students of the Talmud, we know this to be true.”

 -Michael Hoffman II from “Judaism’s Strange Gods”

by Rich S

One ‘tract’ in the Talmud recently grabbed my attention. It seemed to leap from the page and  strike at the core of what it means to be Jewish:

“To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”  Libbre David 37

The key point is: ‘ If they ever find out what we are up to, they’ll be enraged and will kill us.’ As a Jew, I found this very disturbing. Is Judaism a religion or a conspiracy against man and God?

I also asked a Talmudic scholar about it. He said the ‘tract’ is a ‘mash-up’ of several quotes.

Check out Sanhedrin 57A . I think this covers the subject of cheating, deception etc.
 A Jew need not pay a gentile (“Cuthean”) the wages owed him for work.  (M. Hoffman II  from the page http://www.revisionisthistory.org/talmudtruth.html)

The common theme does indeed relate to the ‘dire’ importance of keeping Jewish ‘religious relations’ out of the earshot of a goy. What affected me was the part ” if they knew what we teach about them”, we’d be killed out in the open.

I felt that I realized a basic truth about Judaism. It is a religion that puts man before God, and Talmud before Torah. If a religion chooses fallen mankind’s word [i.e. scribes] above that of the Divine, is it a religion of God? I believe that this ultimate act of hubris sealed the fate of the Jewish reputation and fate. 


The offensive nature of these tracts about Jews dealing with non -Jews are nothing less than an ideology of Jewish Supremacy.  They reveal a deep seated contempt for non-Jews known as ‘goyim’ or cattle. There are others which are even more tasteless. In 2010, Israel’s Sephardi leader Rabbi Ovadi Yosef invoked the ire of non-Jew and Jew alike with his pronouncement, ” Non-Jews exist to serve Jews. goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.”

The cat was out of the bag – the truth about the Talmud was blown wide open in the 21st century. Sadly, the Rabbi’s words were destined for the back pages and had some minor talk radio buzz.


In my early 20’s, I met a lot of new people at university and really started to listen  to the conversations . What I was hearing about Jews was very negative, different than what I had known. A Jew was referred to as a con-artist, greedy, and responsible for Christ’s being killed . I learned ‘ Jew ‘ could be a verb; I was ‘Jewed’ in the deal.” 

A Christian friend befriended me. I heard about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and a few months later I was given a copy as a gift, along with a Ryrie KJV Bible w/ Concordance. I am eternally grateful for the Bible and his friendship. 

I wanted to REALLY know why the Jews were scattered across the earth, after Babylonian captivity, and destruction of the temple and the revolt against the Romans. Was there something pathological about Judaism? There is a disconnect between the rest of the world, and the Tribe. Seems like the Jews have been wandering the earth after the Crucifixion, and were expelled from nearly 100 countries for causing problems.


In my early thirties, I moved up east to work for a Jewish family in a scrap metal yard.  After a couple of years, I was called in to see the boss. I was being offered a promotion, in charge of a rigged weigh scale. I would have an office, salary increase, with the promise of more increases to come. Near the end of the meeting, boss quoted something from the Talmud about ‘buying something from a goy’, insinuating it was ‘our little secret’.

I’d made a Faustian deal. My non-Jewish co-workers began to treat me different; they did not want to associate with me. On the other hands, the Jewish co-workers all congratulated me. I had made a Faustian deal, and I was the last to catch on.

Even as I drove around town I believed that people knew about what I was doing and I was neck deep in a corrupt business enterprise.

The Book of Bismillah in the Talmud which is concerned with money and property dealings contains a phrase which most closely corroborates the quote my employer had used that day:

“Bismallah,4. Deception in business: It is a grave sin to practice any kind of deception whatsoever against a Jew. Against a Gentile it is only forbidden to practice direct deception. Indirect deception is allowed, unless it is likely to cause hostility towards Jews or insult to the Jewish religion. The paradigmatic example is mistaken calculation of the price during purchase.”

I was ashamed of what I’d become, and knew that I could no longer keep the job. I decided to leave, and the boss acted as if I betrayed him. I saw him in a new light that day. I left the job but I spend years searching for my redemption. 

It was already given to me free, by Christ,  and I didn’t have to live that way any more. The truth can be ugly and painful at first, like lancing an infected wound. The truth is protected by God, as what is hidden now, will one day be shouted from the rooftops.

– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2013/05/Jew-Rejects-Talmud-Duplicity.html#sthash.FpXz3g0y.dpuf

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