A great day for Zion: UK Labour panders to Zionist terror networks and major bookstore censors the truth

Zion strangles UK
Gilad Atzmon writes:
“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

At the moment, the Jewish State is experiencing growing political instability while exploring its ability to defy Binyamin Netanyahu’s alleged criminality and his racial incitements against Arabs. Meanwhile, the UK has been reduced to a dutiful remote Israeli colony.

Two day ago, the Zionist lobby scored three significant victories that are indicative of Britain’s descent into an Orwellian dystopia. It is now an unfit habitat for intellectuals, artists and humanists, and their exodus has begun.  

In a statement astonishing for its obsequiousness, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn praised the police for tearing down a poster depicting, in cartoon style, an uncanny portrayal of Corbyn under “attack” by Netanyahu, who is shown piloting an Israeli air force plane named “The Lobby” and dropping bombs of “defamation” with the words “anti-Semite, anti-Semite, anti-Semite”.

Corbyn tweet

By his response, Corbyn was kind enough to reveal to the British people that he could be many things, but acting as a prime minister isn’t really among them. And not just because of his clumsy and unprincipled action against a legitimate political cartoon, but because the man publicly displayed that he can’t handle elementary freedoms. Somewhere, there exists a positive interpretation that would make Corbyn’s shameless groveling seem sophisticated: his response did put the cartoon in national news so that every citizen is now aware of the poster and its message.

On 24 September we also learned that Israel’s stooges managed to cancel a literature event in Brighton. Bad News for Labour – Anti-Semitism, the Party and Public Belief is, according to its publisher, a ground breaking study on the reality behind the headlines on anti-Semitism and the British Labour Party”. I have not seen a ‘ground breaking’ text from Pluto for years; nonetheless, someone within the Hasbara [Israeli propaganda] army decided that the British are unfit to digest the book. Waterstones’s Brighton bookstore rapidly surrendered and cancelled the event. One more piece of evidence that Britain doesn’t really need enemies, it has become an authoritarian society voluntarily. I wonder how long it will be before Corbyn tweets that it was he and the Labour Party who begged Waterstones to cancel the event!

Zionist censorship in UK

However, the Zionist tour de force did not end there. We learned on 24 September that singer, songwriter and political activist Alison Chabloz was once again sent to jail: this time for eight weeks. The Zionist Campaign Against Antisemitism’s (CAA) website reports that “District Judge Jonathan Taaffe found Ms Chabloz guilty of breaching the conditions of her suspended sentenceafter blog posts that she published since June 2018 were found to constitute a breach of a social media ban”. Apparently, the definition of social media in Britain underwent a dramatic expansion this week in order to fit the Zionist call. The CAA was pleased to let us know its part in this fiasco, claiming “the trial in Chesterfield today follows contact between Campaign Against Antisemitism’s lawyers and the National Probation Service.” 

In 1917 Lord Balfour issued a declaration in the name of the British government announcing support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, then an Ottoman province with a tiny Jewish population. In 1917 Britain was an empire, although Palestine at the time wasn’t a British colony. Just over one hundred years later not much is left of the empire and even less remains of British dignity. Britain has allowed itself to be reduced to an Israeli colony, even to the point that it willingly sacrifices its most sacred values when asked to do so by one right-wing ethnic lobby that is largely committed to foreign interests.

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