A Dumping Ground of Inconsistencies


Where to Begin?

 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


We are going to follow several stories today.  Lines will blur, lines between “right” and “left,” lines between religion and occult but mostly the lines will blur between what we are told and what is real.

It no longer matters if they converge or not as so little “truth” is available “covergence” has become a tool for marketing collective mythology and no more.

With mainstream media most of the ‘fluff’ story coverage is nothing more than filler material to keep attention off what they don’t want you spending time on.

Can you say ‘Roman Circus’?

Fire.  You may not be reading or seeing it, but for days, one of twin skyscrapers in Moscow, under construction, nearly completed, have been on fire.  These are Europe’s largest buildings, roughly equivalent to the World Trade Center.


The video above is days old.  We have no news reports on this, no newer video of this fire that is far worse than any of the “official” blazes that brought down the triple towers at the World Trade Center in 2001.  In fact, after days of intense fire it will be found that none of the steel structure will show any appreciable damage at all.

Thus, we have a news blackout.  Those who follow such things, those increasingly skeptical of all government cover stories, the Pat Tillman death, the Zimmerman affair, the “lone gunman” killing 18 in Afghanistan.

Then we have the more less publicized and even more enigmatic inconsistencies in the Toulouse shootings or the Brevik killings in Norway, those who choose to look and learn will only pay with increasing distrust and frustration.

Perhaps the Russians build much better than we do?

Dr. Seyed Hossein Mousavian

Our next short subject will be Iran.  The current attempt, actually there are dozens, to start a war over Iran, or at least pretend to in order to continue profiteering over manipulation of the oil futures market involves a former Iranian diplomat named Hossein Mousavian.

He uses the title “Ambassador,” was arrested in Iran in 2007 and had been one of their “nuclear negotiators until 2005.

This is part of an article from the Boston Globe.  One might note that Mousavian is living in the United States and teaching at Princeton University.

What do we know about this man?  From an article in the Guardian dated 2007:

Iran’s former nuclear negotiator, Hossein Mousavian, has been arrested on an unspecified security charge, the Iranian state news agency reported today.

Citing an “unofficial informed source”, the IRNA agency said Mr Mousavian was detained in Tehran on Monday.

Curiouser and curiouser.

What one might assume from that is inexorable.  Could he be described as a “dog on a leash” or are other descriptions more apt?

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

The following approach might help end this standoff:

Phase 1: To cool down war-mongers, Iran should limit the extent to which it enriches uranium; it should stop producing 20 percent enriched uranium, which can be processed into weapons-grade fuel relatively easily. Simultaneously, the P5+1 should provide fuel rods for the Tehran Research Reactor, and the United States and EU should suspend sanctions on Iran’s oil and central bank.

Phase 2: Iran should implement the “Subsidiary Arrangement Code 3.1’’ and the “Additional Protocol’’ (this is the IAEA’s arrangements to secure the maximum level of transparency) and address the IAEA’s military questions. The P5+1 should recognize Iran’s right to nuclear energy under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, including enrichment (limited to civil, peaceful purposes) and suspend the UN nuclear-related sanctions.

Phase 3: Iran should permit the IAEA full surveillance of centrifuges and limit enrichment to existing sites. For a confidence-building period, it should get rid of nuclear fuel it isn’t using for domestic consumption. In response, the P5+1 should suspend unilateral sanctions related to the nuclear issue, lift sanctions on civilian goods (such as aviation) and cooperate with Iran on peaceful nuclear technology.

Phase 4: To secure sustainable transparency, Iran should ratify the “Additional Protocol’’ and “Subsidiary Arrangement Code 3.1’’, maximize cooperation with the IAEA, and halt building further enrichment sites until IAEA ambiguities are removed. In return, the P5+1 should lift all UN and unilateral sanctions.

The document in its entirety, which can be read here has a reasonable sound and discusses seeking a diplomatic solution.  However, there, to those who notice such things, is a “stealth” purpose behind this which can be read under the title of “Phase 1.”

The problem, of course, is that 20% uranium cannot be easily processed into weapons grade.   This is absurd and long ago debunked.  What one can assume is that our “pet Iranian” has one purpose in his article which sounds so reasonable, do take the time, and that is to mislead the public into seeing a threat where there is none by a gross misstatement of fact.

Mousavian both states:

Who is Fooling Who Here

Third, the West needs to understand that crippling sanctions, covert actions, and military strikes might slow down Iran’s nuclear program but will not stop it. I

n fact, it is too late to demand that Iran suspend enrichment activities; it mastered enrichment technology and reached break-out capability in 2002 and continues to steadily improve its uranium enrichment capabilities.

Notwithstanding, the United States, the European Union, and even Israel agree on three things:

Tehran does not have a bomb, has not decided to build one, and is years away from having a deliverable nuclear warhead. Iran’s current nuclear program is, therefore, not an imminent threat – leaving time for diplomacy to succeed.


 Iran should limit the extent to which it enriches uranium; it should stop producing 20 percent enriched uranium, which can be processed into weapons-grade fuel relatively easily.

Statement number one is consistent with intelligence estimates made by the CIA and reported to the president as part of the National Intelligence Assessment.

Statement two defies physical laws, scientific fact and is in direct contradiction to statement one.  We might as well as “What if Superman was real?”  This is how much sense this makes.  That others fail to note this glaring inconsistency which is one of an endless chain of such irresponsible and inaccurate statements made by people who seem to be inexplicably generously rewarded.

A counter to the the above claims comes from Veterans Today’s Clinton Bastin who helped manage American nuclear programs at the Department of Energy for over 40 years, one of the world’s top experts on nuclear engineering:

To make a nuclear weapon, Iran would begin by diverting at least two tons of low enriched uranium hexafluoride gas from fully safeguarded, carefully measured inventories. 

Other nations would know about the diversion, which would be easily and quickly detected by International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors. 

If any  nuclear facilities survived the certain attack, Iran would try to further enrich the gas.  But these facilities are not configured for higher enrichment and had earlier processing problems.

If further enrichment was successful, the most dangerous and difficult operations would begin. The highly enriched uranium gas would be converted to metal and weapon components would be fabricated  and assembled with high explosives for a weapon.  These processes have never been used in Iran and facilities for their use almost certainly do not exist.

Potential for a deadly criticality accident in each operation is high.  Assembling metal components with high explosives could result in a nuclear explosion unless done with great care. The final step would be providing heavy containment to obtain a significant yield.

If all went well, Iran could have a nuclear weapon in about ten years that could be delivered by a truck or large airplane but not an Iranian missile.

Reda Mansour

Israeli  Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu and Consul-General Reda Mansour in Atlanta, US officials and others  have been told about the long time and difficulties Iran would encounter with an attempt to build a nuclear weapon.

Israel’s leaders have stopped making threats against Iran’s nuclear power facilities, but US political leaders, news media and others continue to support sanctions against Iran’s nuclear power programs that will be of no value but will prevent cooperation with Iran to resolve problems and end conflicts and terrorism in the Middle East.

Bastin describes his assessment of one of the IAEA’s primary sources for their fear-mongering regarding Iran and nuclear weapons”

David Albright, a physicist, former colleague, president of the non government Institute for Science and International Security in Washington and a former consultant for IAEA inspectors, is recognized by the US news media as an expert on nuclear weapons but is not. 

I called David several months ago to correct inaccurate information attributed to him by New York Times reporter William J. Broad.   I also mentioned that Pakistan probably did not have many nuclear weapons because gun-type weapons require about 100 pounds of highly enriched uranium. 

David said that he had seen drawings of Pakistan’s weapons and they had solid cores but were implosion, not gun-type.  With that statement, I  realized that David did not understand basic concepts of nuclear weapons.

Bloomberg and Murdoch

We could go anywhere from here, asking those questions the media and government seem unconcerned with.  One I quietly ask myself from time to time:  “What does it take for a Murdoch to get arrested?”

Hacking, wiretapping, bribery and blackmail, or using all of the above to sabotage business competitors or to support the primary Murdoch agenda, eternal war and world domination.

Sounds funny, doesn’t it?  Funny?

Without dragging this on but leaving the reader with some interesting after dinner discussion “fodder,” we might move to the area of “fusion.”

To most Americans, this is how we make bombs, primarily under the conventional misconception that fusion reactions are “sparked” by nuclear fission using uranium and plutonium on a DT “platform,” meaning in an environment using deuterium and tritium.  (heavy water and H3)

Plasma Vessel

Then we learned that the US, while involved in projects related to Reagan’s SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) learned to create DT fusion reactions using other methods.

These included laser among others, some producing massive microwave emissions capable of destroying incoming warheads (theoretically) or causing thermonuclear explosions of almost minute size with devices one could carry in one’s pocket.

We further learned that America’s nuclear arsenal had purposefully been designed to be as “dirty” as possible as part of our policy of MAD (mutually assured destruction).

These nuclear weapons with low output of ionizing radiation could always have been built but were not.

The new weapons would, in fact, have no residual radiation at all and produce minimal ionizing radiation that would only be a danger if ingested somehow, the subject of top secret research tied to certain “inconsistencies” involved with inexplicable explosions and the vaporization of hundreds of thousands of tons of steel at “ground zero” on 9/11.

Best we ignore this while eating.

Many years ago it was reported that “cold fusion” was possible, creating infinite energy out of virtually nothing, no complicated technology, no danger, no heat.

This was quickly “debunked” we were told but as with so many “debunkings,” no hard science was involved but mostly planted news stories, rumors misconceptions and disinformation.

Thus, currently, cold fusion is one of the hottest investment areas today, billions are being made and the “hoax” has only been on those who chose to “read the papers.”

Then there is this other type of fusion, called “hydrogen/boron” fusion, the capability of building small devices that are “aneutronic” and capable of producing endless energy.



Ever hear that word?  It means something that has a fusion reaction but dispels no neutrons, the things that make bombs so dangerous.  We actually have a weapon that doesn’t explode but only dispels neutrons.

We call it the “neutron bomb.”  It  is illegal.   We have plenty of them, we use them too and lie about it.

As we never put such violations of international treaty in government press releases, our army of “investigative journalists” seldom learn of such things.

The idea of one aspect of hydrogen/boron fusion is bringing about a fusion reaction producing over one billion degree temperatures in a small device using shielding by use of magnetism.  Pretty much everything else tends to “not do well” at temperatures over one billion degrees except Russian buildings it seems.

One company in New Jersey, a small one named Lawrenceville Plasma Physics is currently engineering commercially usable mechanisms capable of this process making use of dense plasma fields.  They are a small company and have had some amazing breakthroughs.

What does this mean?  It eliminates the need for all nuclear power plants for one, coal also actually.  Electricity and any other energy type dependent on heat energy would have little or no cost.  Entire nations could be powered by plants that would fit in your garage.

This is deliverable technology.

One other thing is that this company is working with Iran.  There are six such projects there, highly advanced, to produce power making use of no “nuclear materials.”  It is the belief of some that this technology could end any “residual controversy” involve the prevarication and fiction one learns about earlier in the article.

This is where much of Iran’s “nuclear research” is actually going.

Then we move into the realm of “rumor.”  I am going to use this term because of the delightful shield of “plausible deniability” it affords one.

Back in 1990, when the US spent $1.6 trillion dollars working to develop new high energy technologies to defend ourselves from either nuclear attack or possible space aliens, as jokingly referred to by President Reagan in a speech at the United Nations,  well, let’s see Reagan and then move forward with the rumors:


Was Reagan joking, had he read the pilot script for X Files or had an unredacted copy of the imaginary Majestic 12 document come across his desk?  Most people have never heard of Majestic 12.

Were one to watch the entire X Files series, following the plot lines involving alien abduction, government complicity, human experimentation and a horrific deal cut by certain “oligarchs” with a highly dangerous non-human race, one might learn exactly what President Reagan had seen.

Reproducing “redacted” but really “comic” versions of Majestic 12 and putting them on the internet has kept dozens in government employ busy for decades.

Anyway, we were back at 1990 or so, having spent $1.6 trillion dollars, having some very public failures and, more frighteningly, some  very private successes.  What did we learn that, of course because of the classified nature of such discoveries, we never spoke of?

  1. We learned to make tiny hydrogen bombs with no residual radiation that would melt office buildings.
  2. We learned to create hydrogen/boron fusion reactions, contain such reactions, and produce “free and unlimited energy,” which was seen as a threat to the world economy
  3. We developed nano-technologies with endless and unlimited applications
  4. We developed liquid hydrogen technologies that were capable of being immediately introduced to replace all internal combustion engines
  5. The actual waste product of the magnetic containment field of a hydrogen/boron reactor is electricity in quantities unimaginable.
  6. The solution to the worlds energy problems from electric power to desalinization of sea water to interstellar drives was solved 20 years ago but judged by the “all knowing,” those “Masters of the Universe” that rule the great democracies, that oil profits and lobbying kickbacks were more important than the progress of mankind.

Anyone have a hard time understanding this?

SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative – “Star Wars”)

Some discussion of SDI is needed here.

One of the methodologies used to produce a “protective microwave missile shield” involved the use of existing thermonuclear warheads.  During one such test, and such technologies were tested in both the US and Soviet Union, the entire test facility was vaporized as expected.

Thus, while unlimited funding was available, it was “tasked” to produce fission reactions that would simply not destroy the experiment itself.

Two choices were followed, those decades ago, DT and H/B.  DT came to fruition first as the issue of nuclear defense outweighed the negative aspects of ionizing radiation.  There was no issue of full containment but rather of controlled detonation.

This is why, by the way, the US looks at facilities in Iran they believe are enclosures for testing “enclosed detonation” as a threat.  It has nothing to do with bombs and everything to do, in this case, with defense.

We believe Iran may be far advanced in physics in this area.  We have learned they are advanced in others also.

What was made possible but kept secret?

  • We could use nuclear weapons at will but only if we gained full and total control of the media.  Iraq and Afghanistan were some of our testing grounds.  There were more.
  • We could power spacecraft through the use of fusion energy, vehicles capable of “UFO type” speed and maneuverability, even travel outside our solar system (“Warp speed travel”).  Not only “could” we do so, we actually do so.  To what extent?  Sending giant firecrackers to the International Space Station is pure theatre, a joke, no more.  This is nothing but 1930′s “Buck Rogers” technology, little more than science fiction for the masses.


We have confirmed and it is generally accepted that Iran is the “official” world leader in hydrogen/boron fusion, the technological path most likely to produce a safe and inexpensive energy source.

An article in Truthout by Eric J. Lerner, Dr. Hamid Yousefi and Dr. Morteza Habibi, breaking the total press blackout on this area of research, set the stage for the total humiliation of the west and Israel by Iran:

As physicists in Iran and the U.S., we are proposing an alternative: starting a scientific and engineering collaboration between the two countries that could, if successful, make uranium enrichment obsolete, block proliferation everywhere, liberate the world from oil, and open up a new source of cheap, clean unlimited energy.

In the past three years, Iran has become a major player in the small, but growing, global effort to achieve aneutronic fusion power — controlled nuclear fusion using fuels that produce no neutrons. Controlled fusion harnesses the power that heats the sun — nuclear fusion — as a source of energy for peaceful purposes. Fuels that don’t produce neutrons are important because neutrons can be extremely destructive, damaging the structure of a fusion generator and inducing radioactivity.

Most of the world’s effort in controlled fusion has been aimed at using deuterium-tritium (DT) fuel, which produces large numbers of high-energy neutrons, unlike aneutronic fuels. DT-based fusion devices must necessarily be very large for a given power, to dilute the damage done by the neutrons to a manageable level.

As a result, (and also due to their complexity and other factors), such devices are also very expensive to build, costing billions of dollars and taking many years, even decades, to build. This has been one factor, among others, that has made the pursuit of such DT fusion energy so slow and hard.

 By contrast, aneutronic fusion devices can be quite compact and cheap as they don’t need to withstand intense neutron bombardment. Some, like a device called the dense plasma focus (DPF), can be built for hundreds of thousands dollars while others, called inertial electrical confinement devices (IEC), cost a few million.

Iran’s controlled fusion program has focused on these economical aneutronic devices in an attempt to leapfrog over DT-fusion to get a cheap, clean and inexhaustible energy source. Already, Iran has set up more active DPF research groups — six, to be exact — than any other country in the world. The United States is the only other country with an active aneutronic fusion effort.

What will never be exposed is the suppression of this technology by the US of advanced technologies, choosing only to use some as weapons “like a thief in the night” as it were, we are talking about 9/11 among other “accidents.”


Though the Mudoch’s stand accused of the most blatant egregious “hacking” imaginable, getting a young man named Gary McKinnon back to the US because he has made the “wild claim” to have hacked the personnel roster of America’s “non-existent” extra-solar system space program brings one to a moment of contemplation.

We are busy sending out space probes looking for ice so we can build facilities on the moon or Mars to create rocket fuel, hydrazine:


Our other “Rube Goldberg” technology, used to amuse those willing to believe anything is our periodic “airing” of our scramjet vehicles.  These are our “cover” projects, aired along with occasional prototype UFOs so old some have engines off old B 36 bombers.


Science fiction, wild stories about secret Nazi technologies, underground UFO bases (listed in Majestic 12) and such coincided with Einsteins either failure to complete his unified field theory or, in having done so, he or others, the impact these advancements would have, the ability to exceed the speed of light, defeat gravity or as with Nicola Tesla, transmit power wirelessly.


Even wilder stories tell us that the discovery of “the bell” included inscriptions of extra-terrestrial origin written in the language of a certain divided peninsula in Asia.


Be this a myth, a fiction, a fabrication or something else, “the bell” is considered more than just real but a key technology, the control of which may be the unseen “mover” behind a series of otherwise inexplicable world events.

The issue, of course, is that technologies were “cracked” and what were formerly considered “natural laws” fell away and advanced theories of physics came closer to reality or capable of being expressed technologically, we entered into a period of “duality.”  Peter Lavenda and Richard Dolan are two presenters who discuss these technological chasms.  This is a presentation by Lavenda from 2011:


Lavenda tracks the history of the original X Files investigation to the assassination of JFK, clearly demonstrates that Nazi scientists who ran our space program, partnered with the Bush family and the GOP, were working with Soviet Union to sabotage America during the Cold War.  The case isn’t casually made and explains much of what we lived with during 8 years under the last Bush administration, whey 9/11 was an “inside job” and how America lost the Cold War, how the “right” is now and has always been Communist.

Lavenda starts you down that path like no one else can.  Then again, we return to technology:

The issues, of course, are those persistant rumors involving such things as gravity and time travel, particularly time travel.  From the film, Event Horizon:


Here, science fiction touches on the issues we may well have been dealing with for some kind, issues that might explain why a government might kill thousands of its own, why billions are spent to develop biological and chemical weapons capable of depopulating earth and nothing about it is every questioned.


Watching the videos and following the ideas here can be both exhausting, rewarding to some, uninteresting to others, particularly when the next tank ful of gasoline you buy may take food out of the mouths of your children.

Claims about alternative energy are made every day, worse yet, demonstrations are also.  We are covering the world with wind farms, solar panels, are months from actually applying liquid hydrogen batteries to automobiles, all the things that will declare a final end to the hydrocarbon age that has enslaved mankind.

Then when you think you have a handle on it, that your waste to energy or solar are the answer to restructuring and renewing our existing society, you see evidence and “rumors” that so much more is there, that our society with its inequities, its suffering and injustice has been socially engineered through systematic suppression of technologies using a moral rationale that more properly belongs in the Middle Ages.

Further still, there are proponents of the concept that two worlds coexist, one of ultra-advanced technology for the few and a world where the majority of humans lack electric power and clean water.

Who would allow such a thing you ask?  Then you pick up your newspaper, turn on your television and the answer is right there in front of you, plain as day, visible between the lines, the lying lines as is almost always the case, news suppression, news blackouts, disinformation, political candidates like Ron Paul that would have to be arrested to get publicity.

If oil prices doubled because of Iran, and the Iran controversy is 90% over, what is keeping gasoline prices up, concern over the Zimmerman killing or the college basketball final four?

I have a favorite TV show, quickly cancelled of course, that I love recommending.  It’s name is Rubicon.  It was on AMC until the storyline, not unlike the film Three Days of the Condor with Robert Redford, came too close to showing the political mechanisms that led to the planning of 9/11.


The clip you have just seen discussed business attire.  This is a TV show “they” couldn’t silence fast enough.  “They” thought “they” were so clever, packaging so much reality inside X Files episodes, so much that is so accurate put there in public view along with the humor and superficiality. And so it goes….


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