John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 1)

July 25, 2010
by Jeff Gates  

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

I am a constituent of Arizona Senator John McCain, a 2008 presidential contender. I reside in the Congressional District where he ran for Congress four years before the expected 1986 retirement of Senator Barry Goldwater. McCain’s career was modeled after that well-known Republican maverick.
McCain describes himself as the leader of the party of Abraham Lincoln and maverick Ronald Reagan. Reagan first emerged on the national political scene in a theme-setting speech he gave at the 1964 Republican nominating convention where Goldwater became the party leader.
I knew Goldwater, albeit slightly. I served for seven years as counsel to the Senate Finance Committee, leaving in 1987, the same year he retired. It was always a pleasure to hear him crank up his muscle car festooned with whip antennae to service his ham radio habit.
McCain now holds Goldwater’s Senate seat. Though branded a “maverick,” that’s no more accurate than the phony “hero” status in which McCain wraps himself along with the flag—which brings me back to the point of this account.
I had not met McCain until early June at a town hall meeting in Tempe, Arizona. He came to the Senate in 1987 just as I went into law practice with retiring Senators Russell Long of Louisiana, my boss, and Paul Laxalt of Nevada who chaired Reagan’s presidential campaigns.
At the town hall meeting, I sat upfront to ask “my” Senator a question. That question was informed by seven years of full-time research—by a constituent—into the impact on national policy-making of transnational organized crime, particularly in Arizona.
I will return in this series to an account of how this maverick’s political career was a product of organized crime. That background is chronicled in Guilt By Association (2008) where, as I explained to McCain, I took three chapters just to summarize his mob-related history.
In Arizona, his history is seldom mentioned except to wrap him in Old Glory. That silence is not without good reason. Don Bolles was the last person to write about the criminal syndicate that recruited McCain to replace Goldwater. Bolles was rewarded for his research with six sticks of dynamite under his car. He lost both legs and an arm.
Before his death 11 days later, he identified John Adamson who placed the charge. Adamson, in turn, identified Kemper Marley, the statewide liquor magnate and employer of Gene Hensley, John McCain’s father-in-law to be.
Bolles also named the mafia and Emprise, a New York sports franchise with which Hensley and his brother were associated through a racetrack they acquired in New Mexico.
The Outfit
By all credible accounts, this mob hit was ordered by Marley after a Bolles’ story forced his resignation from the state racing commission. New Mexico state police chronicled the connection between Marley and the racing wire service. Since the founding of the National Crime Syndicate in 1929, that service linked organized crime’s far-flung gambling operations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Cuba.
Its origins trace to Chicagoan Moses “Moe” Annenberg, the father of Walter Annenberg, Ronald Reagan’s “best friend for 50 years” according to former First Lady Nancy Reagan.
The same Ashkenazi “Chicago Outfit” that produced the early career of “conservative” Ronald Reagan also produced “liberal” Barack Obama when he first gained political prominence as an activist with Chicago’s Annenberg Education Challenge. The grandfather and the great-grandfather of the top fundraiser for Obama were lawyers for The Outfit.
In truth, Bolles barely scratched the surface. The same outfit that put McCain in office also brought to Washington Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, a former governor of Arizona and prior to that, the state’s attorney general.
Christian-Zionist Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona teamed up with John McCain and Jewish-Zionist Senator Joe Lieberman to market the phony intelligence that took us to war in Iraq.
Thus my concern when I asked that McCain explain to his constituents why he met abroad with Russia-Jewish oligarch Oleg Deripaska who, by age 40, had amassed $40 billion in assets defrauded from the Russia people.
First McCain denied meeting him other than at an annual conference in Davos, Switzerland. When pressed, he conceded that he and Deripaska shared a private dinner with Lord Rothschild V. At the time, Deripaska was banned from the U.S. due to his ties to Russian organized crime.
McCain declined to explain why he met with this Ashkenazi mobster. Deripaska married into the family of Russian president Boris Yeltsin to perpetrate a national-scale fraud. Until our subprime mega-fraud, the financial pillaging of Russia was the largest heist in history.
Realizing he had said too much by revealing the Rothschild dinner, McCain quickly changed the subject.
What was my impression as a constituent?
Though stunned at the palpable weakness of his character, it was oddly comforting to hear him concede his role as an Evil Doer.

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