A bombing campaign against the arming of jihadists in Syria


The aircraft carrier Amiral Kuznetsov has finally arrived off the coast of Syria, where it has been awaited for more than three months. As soon as it was positioned in the area, a bombing campaign by the Russian air force and navy began, both from the flotilla and from the air base in Hmeimim.

The flotilla fired a number of Kalibr mid-range missiles, while the bombers entered into action in the provinces of Idleb, Homs, and Aleppo. The main targets were the arsenals, arms factories and toxic gas laboratories.

For the last week, the Syrian Arab Republic has addressed SMS messages to the connected telephones in the zones currently targeted. It encouraged all the people living close to these targets to evacuate immediately.

The appropriate medical products and material have been distributed to hospitals in the proximity of the targets in order to be able to care for people who may be wounded by the dispersion of the weapons of mass destruction hit by the aviation.

Pete Kimberley

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