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Oy vey oh vey – we are offended. How dare you tread on our toesIt is our job to be the victimizers, it is our job to control the media and the public’s thoughts.
Comments in chronological order of the clip
“What is this about?” Derrr, what do you think it’s about idiot, an ad for a new car!? Look how conditioned people are. If it’s not selling something people are thrown off track.
“That’s quite amazing if you ask me” Funny how he wasn’t asked to expand on why exactly he used that word – why is it amazing? That’s about as much positivity as the clip could show to keep ‘balanced’ journalism.
“I think the ad is very offensive, it is certainly offensive to Jews. It paints Jews as aggressors, as imperialists; people that are stealing, or taking land from others.”
Errr, have I missed something here? Yes it does show Jews as aggressors, people that are stealing, or taking land from others – BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING!! That is the Truth. Oh but of course you don’t like the Truth. You just can’t have your crimes exposed. You just want to keep on and on and on oppressing and slaughtering the goy, with your eugenics and cruel torturous ways and we stupefied ignorant goy just sit back and accept it. At the same time it’s perfectly ok for you Mr editor of a Jewish newspaper to spew out all your anti-goy rhetoric in your rag. No that’s not not anti-gentilism is it.
“The Palestinian people have lost most of their homeland.” ~ Henry Clifford. Yes Henry this is a FACT the sponsor of the ad. Nuf respect to this man for putting his money where his mouth is. What a diamond.
What are you hoping to get out of this?” was the question posed to Henry. To which he responded “To educate people, to simply open their eyes; let em see what has happened – on the map.” Good on you sir! An image paints a thousand words. Right in the face of the dumbed-down comatised commuters, pro-israeli idiots and of course chosen ones.
“I fort it was al settled back in the 70′s wif the 6 day w0rrr.” Ohhh – it’s painful to listen to these brain-damaged morons. What war?! There was not a war, there was another Judaic instigated demonic mass slaughter. All ‘settled’, excuse me, did you actually say ‘settled’? Where have you been for the last 60 years of your live? What planet have you been living on? Oh of course, on planet Lala.
Why is there an anti-israel ad sitting here at the train station?” Well for starters Mr smoothy kosher man, the goy are FINALLY waking up to your shenanigans, the goy have FINALLY had enough of your satanic insanity, the goy are now FINALLY fighting back and shining the Light on your darkness. The Truth is out. Ha – and you just don’t like it. You just can’t handle the sweet smelling aroma of Truth!!
And lastly:
The ADL have said the ads are “Deliberately misleading, bias and fundamentally anti-israel” Ohh right, that’s what they are are they, oh authority on human justice.
This image springs to mind:

These people have got some front. Their chutzpah is truly remarkable.

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