A Bahraini Mother’s Plea for Help


“  Our situation is very difficult in Bahrain, they kill innocent people  near their own houses. Schools, shops, work –  all closed, we cannot go out at all. They attack the villages and Shiaa’s areas and terrorise them, confronting the unarmed people with their guns and bullets. The Saudis army to Bahrain is acting inhumane, they blocked the Hospital the only in Bahrain and  attacked the doctors, nurses, ambulances stopping them from treating the injured people. Just now I received a message that a nurse is killed, shot by 2 bullets in her neck while she was on her way to the hospital. Please I need your help as a journalist to spread that out to your community everybody here asking for help from the world.”

(Anon, 40-year-old woman, 17th March 2011)


The UN human rights chief, Navanethem Pillay, has said she’s appalled at the “shocking” use of force by security forces against protesters in Bahrain and reports of a military takeover of hospitals is a blatant violation of international law.

Troops roaming  Bahraini Suburbs: –

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