October 28, 2010
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CAIRO — The Arab League warned that the separation wall built by Israel will devour fertile farmland in the West Bank province of Qalqiliya, within the framework of a systematic plan to take control of Palestine’s most fertile and strategically important lands.
The report, issued by the Arab League’s Palestine department, confirmed that Israel is currently building the eastern section of the apartheid wall in order to annex a larger area of fertile land in Qalqiliya.
The report said that Israeli authorities closed off wall gate no. 1037 built in north Qalqiliya along the Tsofim colony in the beginning of last March, obstructing the passage of Palestinians as a service to the settlers, and damaging at least 3,500 dunums of Palestinian land behind the wall.
The 13,606 meter long wall surrounding the city from several directions has had a negative impact on the lives of 47,000 Palestinians and has left four villages and three nomadic groups without access to their land.
The Arab League said 500 kilometers of the wall have been built so far and that 99 per cent of it was built on Palestinian land occupied in 1967.
The report warned that more land could be confiscated for “security purposes” or other false pretenses. Under the pretext that the lands are military or training zones, or natural reserves, Israeli authorities hinder Palestinian access to 26 per cent of the West Bank’s land area.
The military sets up each month at least 310 mobile checkpoints intended to control civilian movement between West bank cities and villages.
The Israeli military has also imposed heavy restrictions on Palestinians in much of the land in the West Bank through the wall and imposed a travel permit system subject to strict security standards.
Source–Palestine Information Center – 27/10/201

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