December 10, 2010
by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat 

As time goes by, half baked solutions and false beliefs tend to get subconsciously entrenched in our collective mind as true facts.

WTC Building #7, a 47-story steel frame building not hit by an airplane, exhibited all the characteristics of classic controlled demolition with explosives

9/11 is definitely a turning point in the modern history of East and West and stands as a landmark at the beginning of the third millennium. 

The world has noticeably changed since 9/11. 

New enemies have emerged, new coalitions have been formed, and new wars have been waged. 

New thinking has been embraced, namely the conflict between civilizations. 

New policy has been adopted, namely creating a new world order. 

New war have been launched, namely the war on terrorism

The world has been slowly evolving and heading towards new crusades. The history of the crusades is the history of medieval sheer foolishness and futility. It took the European crusaders almost two hundred years to figure out that they were fighting the wrong war, how long will it take the American and the international forces to figure out that they have been engaged in a false flag war. 

The official story of 9/11 held al Qaeda responsible for the deadly attacks. Consequently, America has launched a perpetual war on terrorism and in doing so she invented a phantom enemy and even gave it a name that never existed before 9/11.

… One of the most perplexing sides of 9/11 is that the official story of who did it and how it was pulled doesn’t make sense to a lot of people who couldn’t buy into a story full of discrepancies and unanswered questions and couldn`t join the majority of people who found comfort in the simple official story and easily subscribed to the growing anti-Muslim discourse.

 Many 9/11 conspiracy theories have been issued like the one which concluded that the Pentagon was hit by a missile- and not a plane- launched from inside the United States.

The strongest theory so far has been the one linked to the World Trade Center building #7- WTC7- that collapsed like a house of cards into its basement at free fall speed of 6.5 seconds.

But lately scientists and highly trained specialists have delved into the narrative of the weird collapse of WTC7 and they managed to scientifically refute the official and FEMA story and in doing so they somehow unleashed new insights into the 9/11 mystery and fortified the theory which claims that the WTC collapsed due to controlled demolition.

One of the first scientists who did research and analysis on samples of 9/11Ground Zero rubble was Neils Harrit, professor of chemistry at Copenhagen University.

According to a newly published scientific article, Neils Harrit and other eight researchers found Nano-Thermiteexplosive in the rubble of WTC collapsed buildings that couldn’t have come from the planes. They believe large amounts of explosives were placed in the buildings in advance, they concluded that it was Nano-Thermite that caused these buildings to collapse.

Prof. Harrit`s research opened the door for other scientists-such as the American Chemical Engineer, Mark Basile -to do more research and try to find logical answers to otherwise a less cohesive narrative.

Engineers and Architects for 9/11 truth is One of the most dedicated and active civil groups that not only denounce the official 9/11 story but also call upon the American congress to launch a new and truly independent 9/11 investigation based on the newly revealed scientific researches and data relating to the collapse of the world trade center towers.  

The group encourages their members of architects, scientists and engineers to take an active role by reporting the results of their research on 9/11 by means of lectures, articles, and other modes of responsible public education.

One of their upcoming events is a documentary called “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out” showing interviews with different architects,engineers- specialized in high-rise steel frame buildings- and chemists.

 When scientists provide clear cut scientific evidences to the controlled demolition of WTC, the theory automatically moves from the conspiracy category to the scientific department where solid evidences create doubt no more.

As time goes by, half baked solutions and false beliefs tend to get subconsciously entrenched in our collective mind as true facts.

 When experts speak out they tend to shed more light and clarity on our obscure interpretation of 9/11 and hopefully invite more people to rethink it and even join the call for a true and independent investigation of what really happened on September, 11, 2001.

 We don`t have to linger for another 200 years before we’ve finally grasped the truth about 9/11

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