9/11 and the Smiling Face of Shimon Peres


by Richard Edmondson

shimon_peresShimon Peres receives the medal of freedom from President Obama

9/11 was a surgical strike on a nation’s sanity
It is a national disease
An annual exercise in self-absorption
It is the smiling face of Shimon Peres
An oily substance that soaked into a nation’s
Hair follicles and has yet to be washed out.
It is a ghost ride through the Great Society Canyon
Where the cadavers of dreams
Lie stretched out on morgue tables.
It was the day of weird scenes inside the goldmine.
9/11 was the day Americans came to the erroneous
Conclusion that the “world changed,”
Suddenly finding themselves outraged at
Having to take what they had dished out—
9/11 was the Jewish Satan disguising
Itself in a robe and headdress,
Pretending to be a Muslim,
And shouting Allahu Akbar.
9/11 is a movie star’s missing front tooth,
It is an ambulance stuck in a ditch,
The reality of deception and the deception of reality,
The smiling face of Shimon Peres,
The bilious glint of Avigdor Lieberman,
And the brutish small talk of so many others.
The official 9/11 Commission Report
Was a book of empty words,
The truth out of the horse’s mouth,
Fodder for a nation of nitwits;
It is where evidence is covered up and dung is deposited in its place.
The official 9/11 Commission Report
Is Rocky Balboa’s third cousin
Beating up a three-year-old child
In a school playground—
It was a reminder that, first amendment or not,
The Zionist media have to be shut down…
Shut down,
Shut down
Made to cross the River Styx,
A coin in their mouths for the ferryman’s fix.
The Zionist media blew their minds out in a car
They didn’t notice that the lights had changed
A crowd of people stood and stared
But Heather didn’t notice;
Heather was a good girl
Who had breasts the size of giant melons,
Who believed everything
The Zionist media told her,
And who loved the Prince of Nomenclature.
9/11 was the beginning and the end.
9/11 was a Jewish comedian’s Hidey-Ho!
By Richard Edmondson



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