Fareed Zakaria’s dramatic rebuke of the Anti-Defamation League’s bigotry

August 9, 2010 
by Michael Leon

 ADL and Israel 

Why Israel will ultimately fail in its tyrannical crusade in Gaza and the West Bank: Good people refuse to be bystanders. It’s up to us as peace is fought by Israel with all its might. As Jamie Stern-Weiner writes in his review of Norman Finkelstein’s latest book on the destruction of Gaza: ”Apart from restoring its deterrence capacity, ‘Israel’s main goal … was to fend off the latest threat posed by Palestinian pragmatism’. As serious observers of the conflict – from the Congressionally-funded US Institute for Peace and the Army War College to former President Jimmy Carter and former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy– have long recognised, Hamas has moved to a position where, in the words of its supposedly ‘hard-line’ leader Khalid Meshaal, it ‘accept[s] a state on the 1967 borders’. Just as Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 in order to thwart the PLO’s ‘peace offensive’, so Israel invaded Gaza to crush the threat posed by a well-organised, credible Hamas that was pushing for a negotiated settlement but would accept nothing less than the international consensus two-state solution – a consensus Israel strongly rejects.” –
Fareed Zakaria offers a tame condemnation of one lever of Israel’s propaganda machine, the ADL. But his words should alert peace-loving Americans to the injustice and threat to peace that the state of Israel represents to the world.

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