Colombia: Extractive Capital and Peace Negotiations


James Petras. Axis of Logic
“Santos has offered few concessions and demanded a great deal: in exchange for a political amnesty for the guerilla militants and their reinsertion into the existing electoral system. Santos is demanding the unilateral disarming and demobilization of the armed fighters. In exchange for apromise of security of their person, Santos has categorically refused to reform the state, especially military-paramilitary forces which in the past (1984-89) assassinated 5,000 ex-combatants and currently continues to murder dozens of trade unionists, peasant leaders and other activists in the Patriotic March social movement. Santos demands immunityfor all senior military and police officials implicated in the killing and dispossession of activists.”The 7 point agenda does not even mention a truth commission to investigate government crimes against humanity. Nor does the agenda mention the issue of national sovereignty or the seven US military bases. Most of all, the agenda excludes negotiations over the entire multi-million acre give away to the extractive multi-national corporations. Not even mentioned is the idea of a dialogue over renegotiatingexisting mining contracts with the lowest royalty and tax rates in Latin America.”

[ED NOTES:CLICK LINK FOR WHOLE ARTICLE…ALSO SEE… Imperialism and Violence in Colombia: US … –   No comments – THENAKEDFACTS  (US RESPONSIBLE) Connecting the Dots: Colombian Army officers and civilian killings COLOMBIAN PARAMILITARY MEN WERE … – THENAKEDFACTS just go thru my colombia section archives for all you need to know on Colombia ..

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