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70th anniversary of the Korean war

A world-historic and hard won victory for the socialist forces of north Korea in defending their land against imperialist aggression.

On Thursday 23 July, the Communists held this online public meeting celebrating the significance of the Korean Fatherland Liberation War, and its place in the world struggle against imperialism.

Comrade Ranjeet Brar (@Rango1917) introduced the speakers, comrade Jack and comrade Christina.

Their contributions provide inspiring insights into the internationalist legacy and lessons of the defensive struggle of the Korean people to drive the US imperialists from their land, during which the imperialists were driven to a humiliating stalemate, leading to the signing of the armistice agreement on the 27 July 1953.

Whilst this situation has left the country divided, with the south of Korea remaining under US military occupation, we celebrate the fact that the DPRK has maintained a defensive strategy that has enabled its people to develop their socialist system.

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