’58% rise in anti-Semitic attacks in France in ’12′

Mourning the Toulouse shootings.

ed note–one of the benefits to mankind of what came to be called ‘the scientific process’was the awareness of the law of cause and effect. For example, diseases that were oftenfatal were cured  when careful, scientific,  rational study–leaving out superstition or previous explanations that explained nothing–were applied.
Now, if indeed ‘anti-Semitism’ is a ‘disease’ as organized Jewish groups such as the ADLand Simon Wiesenthal Center claim, than the question that a rational society must ask is this–’WHAT CAUSES IT?’
And please,don’t tell us it is envy, irrational hatred or any of the other superstitionsthat  have  been  bantered  about  now  for centuries. What is it about Jewish behavior–collective or individual–that has led to this ‘oldest of hatreds’  as we in the Gentile world have heard it described?
Until  this question is  answered, the world  will continue to be shackled by organized Jewish interests who care not a wit about finding out what the true cause of opposition to them has been throughout the last 4,000 years.

France saw an increase of 58 percent in anti-Semitic incidents in 2012 compared to the previous year, according to a report by the French Jewish community.
The report released Tuesday by the SPCJ, the security unit of France’s Jewish communities, showed that 614 anti-Semitic acts were documented in the republic last year compared to 389 in 2011.

Incidents in which the victims were accosted physically or verbally on the street witnessed an increase of 82 percent, to 315 last year from 177 cases in 2011, SPCJ said. A fourth of the 96 physical anti-Semitic assaults involved a weapon.
The SPCJ report reflects a near doubling in physical anti-Semitic assaults, of which 57 were documented in 2011.
SPCJ notes two peaks in anti-Semitic attacks in 2012: following the Toulouse shooting, when 90 acts were recorded within 10 days, and after the October 6 bombing of a kosher supermarket in Sarcelles in which two people were lightly wounded, when 28 acts were recorded in the next eight days.

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