16 September, 2010

Breakthrough! 38 Degrees vs Rupert Murdoch

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Exciting news! It looks like our campaign to stop Rupert Murdoch taking control of BSkyB might be on the verge of a massive breakthrough. [1]
Tens of thousands of us signed the petition telling Vince Cable to stand up to Murdoch’s power grab. Now the BBC has revealed leaked documents. They show that even Vince’s own advisers are now telling him he mustn’t let the deal go through.
This is huge progress – but we need to act together fast to stop Rupert Murdoch fighting back.
Public pressure has pushed Vince this far- a huge public letter will make it much more likely he now stands his ground. Please can you add your name to the huge open letter telling Vince to hold firm? We’ll be presenting it to him next week.
Click here to sign in 30 seconds:

It’s out in the open now that Vince Cable is thinking about making a stand. That means Rupert Murdoch’s army of lawyers and lobbyists will be all over Vince in the next few days, putting him under pressure to wave the deal through.
We have to make sure that Vince doesn’t lose his nerve. We need to carry him towards the right decision on a tidal wave of people power.
Murdoch might be able to put the pressure on behind closed doors. But there’s no way thousands of ordinary people will be signing any of his letters. A letter signed by thousands of us will remind Vince public opinion is on our side, not Murdoch’s.
Add your name to the letter here:

Together, 38 Degrees members have proved it is possible to challenge the Murdoch media empire. During the election, we called out the scaremongering and bias in the Murdoch-owned press. We fought back at attacks on the BBC, and saved 6 Music. Now, we’re getting closer to a people-powered win over Murdoch.
Please click here to sign our letter of support to Vince – it will be daunting for him to take on Murdoch, but he’s far more likely to do it if he knows he’s got thousands of us behind him:

Thanks for getting involved,
Hannah, David, Johnny and the 38 Degrees team

P.S. Meanwhile, our campaign to “Stand up for the NHS” is growing fast. Together, we’ve added thousands of amazing stories about why the NHS matters to our NHS map. Our people power seems to be forcing the government to back down on plans to close NHS Direct.  Read the stories and join in at




  1. Unemployed British Youth
    As per DNA ( Sept.20,2010 ), British cabinet minister Vince Cable has stirred controversy by suggesting that unemployed young Britons should be sent to India to find work.
    According to the minister, it was time to end the one-way flow of skilled workers from India to the UK and claimed that British graduates should be able to go in the opposite direction to India where the economy has boomed.
    Good idea !
    And since Google India just announced that it will pay Rs. 100,000 by way of referral fees to anyone who recommends a software engineer ( subject to employment offer from Google and joining ), this opens up another opportunity to Vince Cable.
    By recommending British software guys to Google India, he can earn their gratitude ( and votes ? ) while simultaneously helping to reduce the budget deficit of Pounds 170.8 billions.
    Hurry up. Google offer expires on Oct.15, 2010 !
    With regards
    hemen parekh
    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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