2014 Is Only Two Years Away



By Michael Shrimpton

A significant event occurred this week in Britain.  There were significant events elsewhere of course, including in Danville Kentucky, where Vice-President Biden cheered up the troops at the cost of alienating independents with his rudeness and smirking. 
David Cameron, a pro-European, was forced into starting serious preparations to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914.   Up till now the Cabinet Office has tried to keep these low-key – a refurbished war memorial here and there.  This is mainly because the Germans lost.

Germany started the war on August 1st 1914, by invading Belgium, in an attempt to outflank the French Army.   It became a world war when the British Empire (the Good Guys) joined in on August 4th, honoring Britain’s long-standing commitment to protect the rights of small nations.   It is important to make the point that Germany started the war, because Germany’s responsibility for this crime against peace has been diluted by a century of German propaganda.
It is also important that we acknowledge the centenary, not just of the great battles, such as the Somme and Jutland, where we defeated the ‘Hun,’ albeit at great cost, but also of major German atrocities.  The centenaries of the brutal execution of Nurse Edith Cavell and the sinking of the liner RMS Lusitania both fall in 2015.  A new generation needs to be made aware of the depths to which Germans can sink, not least at a time when Germany is on the warpath again.  The leopard does not change its spots.
A correspondent was kind enough to send me a helpful and informative poster produced by the patriotic British Empire Union after the Great War.  Its fundamental points – that Germany, with respect, is not fit to be a member of the civilized community of nations, let alone an ally of Britain and the United States, and its policy of predatory exports threatens British jobs – are as good today as they were then.
Edith Cavell was a loyal daughter of the Empire.  We stood with her in spirit when she was dragged in front of a German firing squad in the cold grey light of a Brussels dawn in 1915.  We shall remember when the 100thanniversary of her murder comes around, and for evermore.   We know that the words of reconciliation attributed to her by the German agent who saw her on the night before her execution are no more than German propaganda.  She hated ‘the Hun’ and rightly so, for the devastation he had wrought on poor little Belgium, the shameful rape of women in holy orders and the bayonetting of pregnant women.  Many, then and now, refuse to believe that German soldiers were capable of such brutality, but they were.
Unsurprisingly, Germany’s ‘Führer Frau’ Angela Merkel was greeted by Greek protesters with swastika flags in Athens this week.  For Germany politics is just another means of waging war.  Greece is almost as much under the German thumb now as she was in 1942.  The ‘founding fathers’ of the EU, Monet and Schumann, were both Abwehr agents during the war, working hard for a Nazi victory.  They worked for the DVD after the war.
The notorious Council of Europe, which controls the terrorist-sympathizing European Court of Human Rights, was originally a DVD front organization.  The European Convention on Human Rights was largely drafted by another German agent, Phillip Allen.  Notoriously, he was later responsible for rigging the outcome of the 1975 British referendum on EEC membership (we had central counting, and he was in charge of the count).  He should have been hanged in World War 11, after he penetrated the Cabinet Office for the Abwehr.
Unsurprisingly the Norwegian politician in charge of the ludicrous Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Thorbjörn Jagland, is connected to the Council of Europe.  The Committee’s decision to award this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the EU has reduced it to an international laughing stock.  They have shamed not only themselves, but the Norwegian Parliament, which appoints them, and spat on the graves of the young Norwegians murdered last year on the orders of German Intelligence.   It is worth remembering that Vidkun Quisling – who would have been a strong supporter of the EU – was a Norwegian politician.
The Norwegians are a fine people.  We in Britain still remember the courage and skill of the men of the shore battery which sank the heavy cruiser Blucher in 1940, as well as brave men and women of the Norwegian Resistance, one of the leaders of  which I was privileged to meet, in the Special Forces Club in London.   Like ours however – and yours – their politicians are rubbish.
The award is built on a lie.  There has not been peace in Europe since the EEC was formed in 1957.  The Maastricht Treaty contributed directly to the break-up of Yugoslavia, which led to the Balkan Wars.  The EU has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Europeans on its hands.  Of course the French and Germans don’t think Balkan lives count.  We do.
Exactly which French President do the Nobel Peace Prize committee say would have invaded Germany but for the EEC?  Or are they saying West Germany would have attacked France, despite the security umbrella afforded Western Europe by America, Canada and Britain?   These people are crazy.  The EU has made no contribution to peace in Europe at all, none whatsoever.  NATO, Britain and America preserved the peace after 1945.
The EU is not only undemocratic, it has dedicated itself to undermining democracy in Britain and Europe.  It has openly attacked our Parliament and is planning a further assault on Europe’s democratic nation states.   It has caused division, re-opened old wounds and generated huge resentment against its controlling powers, France and Germany.   It must be broken up, along with NATO.
Michael Shrimpton
October 13th 2012

One thought on “2014 Is Only Two Years Away

    No doubt part of the theater that GG has arranged to make a lot of noise over something of which is most likely only partially true and the rest is a load of bull. GG has not stated with any reliable statement of proof that ‘Danger’ (nickname of Ms A) accused is one hundred percent guilty of what he accuses her of (no doubt guilt by association of certain circumstances and no more than that but heh we will find out). She will no doubt be dismissed and hopefully will have the sense to screw GG ass in court if he does not have the proof. We will see whether he does or not. Funny to notice not one major newspaper has taken up this issue. Maybe they are aware of GG tactics in the past of noise bashing when things are a little quiet (or falling apart like the dreadful attendance of the Drones Protest of which was arranged in my opinion to drown the loose cannon comments of GG on Rape issue (actually more than opinion heh Bradford Respect?). Oh another thing, if GG was aware of his personal assistant having a relationship with a Gov Operative when his house had been burgled (months before) then why on earth did he forgive her and not realise the possibility of a leak there and then and sack her on the spot. Umm looks like GG plays a dangerous game or was keeping this person on a limb with every intention of destroying her later. Something to think about and maybe assumed friends of GG should be aware of (when will it be your turn?). I know this that ‘Danger’ was very loyal to GG and jumped down my throat if I spoke out of turn about him. There may be a little truth in what GG says but 2 plus 2 does not make 10. Also while I was in the Respect Office (Bradford) I heard many nasty comments stated about ‘Danger’; some even tried to recruit me to their side with their dislike of her (I personally did not like some of her viewpoints but also of others as well and I am sure she and others did not like my views and comments at times (that is life)) but she was targeted by a lot in the office. My comments to this was that we all have opinions and personality differences and to leave it at that. Danger was aware of the personal dislike of her by a lot of the in crowd in the Respect Party Office Bradford (another reason why everyone is happy at the office because they now have their blood). We all have to look at how this turns out and see if everything in detail that GG has stated does come with proof or if GG has got carried away with truth and fiction and theory mixed for his own gain. We will see! To be truthful my opinion is that ‘Danger’ will be dismissed and the real truth will never be mentioned as the goal for GG will be attained (rather poorly though) and the Bradford Respect Party will slowly die a quiet and an unassuming death without many giving it a past thought in the next few years. Salma has already left the sinking ship. Who next has such sense ummmmmm I wonder who?????

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