Saleh Vows to Return to Yemen Soon

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NOVANEWS US Urges ‘Immediate’ Transition of Power to Acting Ruler Long-time Yemeni dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh dismissed the notion that his retreat to Saudi Arabia for surgery was a permanent move, insisting he would […]


buffer zone protests

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NOVANEWS   Technorati Tags: buffer zone, Gaza, Palestine, Zionism Related posts: farming in the buffer zone: ISM in action Rada confirms–insists–that she is from Mon­tene­gro, not Serbia. The… Stop the Bullets! We have started a campaign to Stop the […]


Zio-Nazi Fuad: Fear of a BDS Europe

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NOVANEWS   From Ha’aretz, June 6: “Listen, Bibi,” MK Benjamin [Fuad] Ben-Eliezer (Labor ) growled, “I congratulate you on your hug from Congress, but it will not take us off the path to confrontation. Our situation […]

Palestine Affairs

Palestine: unity is strength

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NOVANEWS Hamas and Fatah reconciliation brings hope for the future. Sixty-three years after the Nakba (catastrophe), the ethnic-cleansing project that launched Israel through the massacre of thousands of Palestinians and the forced eviction of over 750,000 […]


Defend Syria against imperialist aggression

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NOVANEWS   The vicious campaign to overthrow the anti-imperialist regime in Syria must not be allowed to succeed. The imperialist powers, principally the United States, Britain and France, along with the Israeli zionists, are continuing […]