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Zio-Nazi's in Kashmir

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NOVANEWS “”In 1993 the then Israeli foreign minister, Zio-Nazi Shimon Peres, reportedly advised the Hindu nationalist leader LK Advani to alter the demographic composition of the mutinous Kashmir valley by settling Hindus there. Advani, later […]


Yemen’s Power Vacuum and Transition Prospects

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NOVANEWS   John Glaser   Yemen’s current head of state, Vice President Abedrabo Mansur Hadi, has rejected offers to negotiate an transitional government until President Saleh returns from Saudi Arabia where he is receiving medical treatment for […]


Peaceful Protests = Zio-Nazi Violence

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NOVANEWS   Joseph Dana:   The demonstration started off peacefully and then the army attacked the nonviolent demonstration with tear gas and stun grenades. Some Palestinians began throwing stones. via Matt Yglesias: It’s often been […]