18 years since Operation “Ayyoun Al-Harami”

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Occupied Palestine – Jerusalem News : Today marks the 18th anniversary of the “Wadi Harami” operation carried out by the young guerrilla Thaer Hammad near his town of Silwad, east of Ramallah, on the morning of Monday, March 3, 2002, to be one of the operations that has dug for itself a place in the minds of the occupation Before the lovers.

With his conventional rifle, Thaer managed to snipe 19 soldiers one by one, killing 10 of them and wounding 9 others.

In the details of the operation, Thaer woke up before the dawn of that witnessed day, performed the dawn prayer, wore a military uniform that he had not been previously seen and wore, combed with bullets and carried the old American M1 rifle that was used in World War II and lost his ammunition consisting of 70 bullets of this old style. Of the rifles before he rode his horse and rode it to Jabal Al-Batin to the west from the town of Silwad, north of Ramallah, in rugged mountain paths, and he reached the place he had previously seen and examined, so he got off his horse and left him going where he wanted to be sure of his testimony in that process but The wind is running in a way that the ships don’t desire what he said.

At the bottom of the mountain where Thair was stationed at four o’clock in the morning, a barrier for the occupation soldiers was called the “Ayoun Al-Haramiyya” checkpoint, according to the valley where it is located. The bullets are watching and getting ready while waiting for the zero hour he set for himself.

Thaer spent about two hours watching and carefully planning the length of his distance from his target between 120-150 meters antenna to the east of it and with the hand clocks indicating his hand until six in the morning and the sun shining, everything became clear. It only takes a few seconds for the soldiers to reproduce, so that they can plunge them into what they have planned and begin sniping them one by one.

According to Thaer’s account, there were three soldiers guarding the barricade, and he hit the first one, so the bullet settled in his forehead, so the second hurried with a bullet that settled in the heart before he grew up and fired his third bullet to cause the third soldier to be killed. : “I did not find it difficult to catch them from those who preceded them and from inside the same room. I saw a sixth shouting like a madman who touched the surprise. He was calling in Arabic and Hebrew that they left while he was inside. Bullet and sound was interrupted There was stillness of death barrier moment area, I think I dealt with something pink six bullets, and suddenly arrived at the scene in a civilian car Israeli got out of settlers two towards the first weapon and before he could press the trigger had received a bullet and fell to the owner next to him with the pressure of the next trigger.

According to Thaer, two minutes passed before a military jeep arrived to replace the soldiers. As soon as the officer and his group became clear, they got out and dispersed, and started shooting in the wrong direction in every direction.

Thaer said that the barrier’s location at the bottom of the mountain enabled him well to define his goals, so he dealt with these soldiers’ orders coinciding with the arrival of another car for the settlers and an Arab truck whose driver was forced to dismount, but Thaer managed to hit the settlers next to him without untouching him.

Thaer, who is serving a life sentence of 11, remembers how an Israeli civilian vehicle arrived, noting that an Israeli woman with her children inside arrived and says she was within the target, but I refrained from aiming at her, but she shouted in Arabic and Hebrew that if you leave, take your children back and mention that he waved to her also in his hand asking them to get away And then his rifle (which could not be shot quickly for his foot) exploded, and his hands were scattered around the place, forcing him to end the battle in a way different from what he had planned, he had fired only 24 to 26 bullets from his equipment consisting of 70 bullets believed that they all settled In the bodies of his targets where 11 soldiers were killed The settlers and wounded nine others.

After his gun exploded, Thaer decided to pull up on the way back to the house. That was about seven thirty in the morning when he got to his house and hurried to take a hot bath and went to bed, so he took some sleep before waking him up by his brother’s voice urging him to hurry up to prepare for the funeral of a relative who died on the same day. .

And in conjunction with the work in performing the duty of condolence, everything was natural and Thaer did not appear to any unknown appearances about him even when the news began about the operation hesitated in the village with the rumors that accompanied it that an old man is a sniper who carried out the operation that Thaer confirms that someone He did not help him in its implementation or knew of its secret.

As the scale of the operation became clear, the occupation forces imposed a cordon around the town of Silwad, adjacent to the roadblock, and carried out a sweep campaign in search of potential perpetrators. Thaer was arrested and released after 3 days after the occupation intelligence painted a picture of the bomber as an old man, which was also reinforced by the presence of rolls of Arab tobacco What the elderly usually smoked after preparing it with their hands, they found him at the place where he fired at the checkpoint.

The release of Thaer the first time reinforced his confidence that he was safe and had no doubts about him, and he started repeating in every council that wore the story of the old sniper who carried out the operation, who was saying that he might have moved next to his Lord and would not fall into the hands of the occupation.

Almost 30 months had passed since the Thair family received an intelligence order demanding that Thair review it but he did not revise. This was a week before his house was raided and arrested at dawn on 2/10/2004. He does something that must be arrested and nothing against him.

The Maqam was not overlooked when Israeli newspapers published on the morning of 6/10/2004 the news of the arrest of the “Sniper Valley of Ayoun al-Haramiyya” and that he himself was Thaer Hammad.

Thaer’s arrest was accompanied by the arrest of three of his brothers, Nidal, Akram, and Abd al-Qadir, who was arrested ten days before, while the arrest of others accompanied the disclosure of the operation.

After 30 sessions of the trial, Thaer was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

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