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Dear editor,
I can describe the terror group, ISIS with only two words: Pure evil. This organization is repugnant and anything but Islamic. Its members engaged in sadistic acts such as: beheading, cannibalism and selling women as slaves.
Over 100 Muslim religious scholars from all over the Muslim world have signed a 28 pages open letter to ISIS refuting 24 points of the group claims,allegations and acts as purely unIslamic and inhumane. The letter is now available in Arabic, English, German and various other foreign languages.
As a retired U.S. military veteran, I was contemplating in sending the group an open letter urging them not no harm a follow former Army Ranger, Peter Kassig of my neighboring state of Indiana. Mr. Kassig who is 26- years old, was taken captive by ISIS in October, 2013 in Syria when he was providing aid to for refugees fleeing that country’s civil war.  After his captivity, Mr. Kissig has volunteerly converted to Islam and change his name to Addul-Rahman. After all of this, there is no use to ask these carnivores for mercy.
ISIS is a group of psychopaths whose job is horrify you and I to the maximum, so we would support the war of their Western masters who created, trained and control them, as they did with in the past with Al-Quada and Mujahideen Khalaq of Afghanistan. If America is really genuine about stopping war crimes and atrocities committed by ISIS, then why did they U.S. never showed the same concern when Israel was bombing Gaza to stone ages for 51 days last summer? Why did the U.S. failed to assemble a coalition of many nations to uphold the rules of international laws, when Israel was committing gruesome war crimes in Gaza?
Contrary to public belief, the acronym of this terror group stands for ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE  and it reads backward as: Sisi. That is the name of  the notorious Egyptian dictator who over throw the first democratically elected government of Egypt in a military coup.
Believe it or not, ISIS goal is to eliminate Israel’s enemies in the Middle East and help create a rift between Christianity and Islam by committing atrocities such as the gruesome beheading of innocent Christians, Muslims in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.
Think about it for a moment, have you ever wondered why ISIS never launched an attack on Israel? Inquiring minds want to know!
Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran
October 9, 2014

“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.”  Italian Peot – Dante [1265-1321]
On Friday, October 10, 2014 2:55 AM, Tarek Chehab <[email protected]> wrote:

val shadowhawk

Hi all, I hope you are all good and well

I just wanted to talk about Isis. I am seeing alot of posts that I disagree with. Respectfully, because most of what I have learned I have learned from you.But there are some things I would like to say.1.Isis is not a boogey man. Yes they were created by USA/Israel but that does not make them a boogey man. they are real.. as in , if the videos were fake, which i believe they were. There are real Isis members out there cutting peoples heads off. We have had some of our Army members(lebanese) captured decapitated and the bodies were returned to us, with videos of the act. These people are real. And right now they are fighting Hizbullah in the south, with the help of Israel.

Some light will be show pretty soon on how Israel is helping Isis in Shebaa

2.”no boots on the ground is a good thing” I STRONGLY disagree! thihs is the first time in history I actually want the USA to do something responsible and clean up the shit they left us. Now all of a sudden they dont want to go to war? Airstrikes dont do shit. This is all proof that the US does not want to get rid of Isis. They had no problem going after saddam. but now they want to be civil? NO I want boots on the ground. Instead they ask the arabs countries to send in fighter jets. Syria last week was like “turkey you better not send a single plane here” this week USA is like “we are appalled that turkey hasn’t sent in planes yet” . Seriously the USA with all my love to the American people is the either the stupidest or most evil govt. in the world

what i’m trying to say is WE DO WANT ANOTHER WAR… because this is the only war that we want the one that counts.. but because these people created Isis they dont want to put boots on the ground…

You know im respectfully giving my opinion here. I agree with you on everything else except this.. I want the USA to man up and send troops to get rid of the shit they left us…. but I know they wont because they left that shit on purpose… but I disagree with the “no more wars” all of a sudden mentality… if anything this is the only war I would have respected the USA with

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

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